[REPORTED] Ankh of Nefertani not appearing

I’m glad to see there is already a ticket for this. I am also missing it on XBox.

If we’re paying for the benefit of receiving rewards early we should have them. Errors like this only encourage those of us that support the game financially to cut back and buy the cheaper package.

Don’t harpoon your whales!


Again, a round of applause for the QA team. 5 minutes to verify things like this with an admin account.


Just an update: Day 2 and still no weapon that we PAID for. Will we be receiving a partial discount for buying the bigger package?

I love the outrage for this. The weapon is a crafting piece you can’t even use until the end of the campaign. The weapon itself isn’t even useful. Everyone who bought that pass will have access to it next week if the release date is to be believed. I get you didn’t get your meaningless unusable weapon on time, but the outrage for it is quite ridiculous. The big pass was to get the early access to artifacts and the mythic earlier, not to get the weapons earlier(I’m aware this was part of the deal, just not the appeal). I get the principle of the situation but there are bigger issues to be complaining about.


They don’t even acknowledge stuff like this any longer, it happens so often. At this point I don’t even think they get embarrassed.

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How dare we expect something we paid for on time!

We should all quit for expecting it to be!!!


Lol I didn’t say that. But maybe a slight mentality adjustment to manage expectations might be in order. Ya know, cause its a mobile game and caring this much about a mobile game can’t really be that healthy. What do I know, im just a lowly F2P dev loving apologist.

So that someone doesn’t swing their ban hammer at me…

On topic:

On solely principle alone, yes, the weapon should be expected and given on time. Obviously, hard for anyone to argue that.

My comments above are a statement of why the ratio of outrage to wrongdoing is off the charts. I understand its an accumulation of mistakes compounding already highly negative attitudes but I believe I have the same right to call out when the ratio is way off for certain things. In this case it clearly is.

But ya quiting works too :rofl:

I hear ya man, just an fyi I’m usually laughing when I respond to you. Not laughing at you, Just in general. I’m usually on break having a smoke and just messing around.

I stay away from the incorrect gw score thread now though. They get big mad when you mess with their “life” it seems.

See you around :v:

It is the principal of it.
If you order your happy meal because you want the toy and they forget the fries does it mean you should stay quiet about it. No, there is a polite way to go up to the counter and bring it to there attention and wait to see what they’ll say or do. When there is silence outrage slowly builds. Not because you’re missing your fries, but because the absence of action equates to an intentional slight.

Honest mistakes happen. What we’re looking for is confirmation they know it happened and what the course of action will be.


Just FTR, as the OP - I’m not outraged, just mildly disappointed and it’s a bug/glitch hence raising the ticket. I know in the grand scheme of things is not a biggie but it’s not the best way to acknowledge players who are putting money back into the game


The update did NOT fix this. There is still no weapon.

I’m not sure there is, this is beginning to look like a company suicide attempt. Think about it a bit, what’s their key selling point for the Elite+ Pass? This is what you currently get:

  • A few extra rewards past the end of the regular reward track.
  • A few extra stars.
  • Exclusive early access to campaign related content (weapons, troops, cosmetics).

I’d argue that the first two items are considered mostly irrelevant by players. The extra rewards aren’t even remotely worth the cost, even based on a very generous “gem value” calculation. The extra stars don’t allow you to take any shortcuts, you still need to complete all tasks to collect all the rewards available, including the non-regular ones. Which leaves early access as the key incentive to reel in players willing to spend money.

As it currently stands, IP2 isn’t only not honoring the early access deal, they even fail to acknowledge that delivery is way past due. This is a bit like buying an expensive ticket for an exclusive preview screening of the next Star Wars movie, arriving at the theater to find the doors closed without any explanation given, then having to wait in line for the regular viewing to start to be let in with everybody else. It doesn’t matter how much the movie itself might suck, I definitely wouldn’t buy any ticket, whether expensive or regular, from that theater again. I’m probably not the only one who feels that way.

@Kafka @Saltypatra This is just a visibility flag in your database that can be flipped within minutes. Please check if anybody important dropped dead during the past week, this should have been resolved at least two days ago.




Thank you!

Reminds me of this announcement:

Apparently the missing weapon got added to the known issues list in response to this bug report. Why not update the bug report to reflect this in a timely manner?

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Or it was reported as a missing reward ticket. Those tickets tend to have priority. Specially if they are bumped by sending a DM to a Dev.

As mentioned earlier we are investigating this issue. One of us will pop back and let you know when it’s fixed.

This was linked above, but I’ll do so again just in case. Here is more information.


@alv-thanos posted on discord that it’s been fixed.
It appears he’s correct.


Ty for the mention.
I have not posted on the forum as I don’t have access on my phone.
I realized that the weapon was released as it was not on the spoilers anymore.

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Fixed!!! :slight_smile: