Redeem Code Problems?

How and where do you redeem Tacets codes ?
I keep getting " error while saving " message…

Make sure you type your invite code in all caps when putting it in on the page.

You’re welcome.

Sometimes there is an invisible underscore at the end of the invite code, too. And if you play on console, redeem code functionality isn’t available yet.

Really!? I recall there was an issue with Sony when codes were rolled out to consoles months ago. That still hasn’t been resolved?

Thanks for the suggestions. Used all caps for invite code and redeem code. Still getting error msg. Playing on Android mobile device.

Have you tried replacing any spaces with underscores? That is, if your invite code is:“INVI CODE”, try typing “INVI_CODE”, and then try “INVI_CODE_”.

No, this is a new issue. Apple shut down in-app redeem codes for some inscrutable reason, so the devs set-up this website option as a workaround. For now, it only works for PC/Mobile, but it is supposed to be extended to console sometime soon. There’s some discussion here:

You don’t use all caps for the redeem code. Type the redeem code in normal, but your invite code in caps. If you’ve already tried that, apologies. That’s what worked for me when I got that message.

New message …code has reached maximum uses.
At least I know how now. Thanks to everyone for the response.

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Oh what did you use that worked?


This format.

Shoot me your invite code and I’ll redeem one for you (the one that will be in my next vid)

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Thanks, msg sent.

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What a swell guy!

Edit: I’m not brown nosing. I’m on console and can’t use redeem codes anyway.