Realm of the Undead, top 100 guild.All tasks completed weekly. Come chill with us. No event requirements, no gold expected until kingdoms levelled . You dont need discord. You just need to have fun! SPOT AVAILABLE



Hallo, I would like to join. Is there a spot for me?


Sounds ideal if there’s a spot left.



Yes there is, I will shoot you an invite shortly


I’m still leveling my Kingdoms (4 @ level 10, but all others at least at 6). I’ve been hitting 1500 seals weekly, so 1,000 shouldn’t be an issue. I’ve got Deathknight armor and am happy to do Guild Wars regularly.

If you’ve got a spot my invite code is TRINITY_CSGP.


You got the last spot :blush:
We are now full!


One spot available.
GW, Invasion, Raids encouraged but not mandatory.
Levels 200 and up welcome.
Communication through LINE chat group or in game guild chat a must.
Join us and join the fun


may i join ?


We are awesome
We are great
One spot left
Grab it before it’s too late!

Please PM me if interested despite the bad rhyme.



I would love to try and join. How may I get in, if there is room? I made an account on this site just to reply here, ha.

Level 500
Kingdoms leveled
Loves Plague teams that work


@Mariana I’d love to get in on the guild if there’s room! Thanks!

Invite code: G-Luv


I just filled the last spot seconds ago!
So sorry.
If something comes up I will let you know


@Mariana Much appreciated! I am jumping back into the game after a hiatus and about to do some PVP - figured it would be better to be in a guild ahead of time so it benefits others as well!


I do have a spot.
What is your invite code?
One you have me says you don’t exist :slight_smile:


I figured it out
Invite sent
Welcome to The Realm


Thank you very much!


Hi there.
Do you have free spot available?

I am leveling my kingdom though


Wynpenguin I am the Guild Leader of Transylvania and friends with Mariana, since their guild if full I have room for you in our guild.


Our rebuilding is almost complete, we need one more building block and that’s you!
One spot available, prefer level 200 or higher, able to meet minimums of 1000 seals, 1500 in Mythic weeks.
Must communicate through guild chat or LINE chat group.
PM me for more info