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R.I.P. Maw meta. The new meta is Manticore/Khorvash?

Flesh Golem is a somewhat recent example of a rebalance to make a troop stronger.

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Mist of Scales was also rebalanced. Another thing to ruin the game. :stuck_out_tongue:

The Zhulkari rebalance that I remember was by subtraction to the goblins/marauders.

OK, there’s one I forgot.

Are you going to keep doing this? The discussion moved on a LONG time ago.

A bunch of Zhul’Kari Troops got Web and Web-related Spells/Traits

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Oh yeah! Thanks, that makes me feel better!


Here is what was ruined: Update 2.0.1 Preview

Why not? Aren’t we supposed to be totally free despite it being useful or not?
But well, at least i found the link for Zulkari changes for you. You are welcome.

You’re following me around like a 12-year old troll. I’m quite sure regardless of how anybody here feels about the nerf discussion, they’d find your current behavior childish and unnecessary.

I stopped responding to you directly when @Jainus politely asked us to stop. It might be more dignified of you to do the same.

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Nah, just proving that your short insight is simply due to your timely inexperience. You claimed that:

And the truth is as i said before:

Others had to point it out the kingdoms reworked before i could say something, otherwise it would just me “trolling”, because that’s the final answer or internet arguments: “My oponent is a troll”. But it ended in the same way i guess.

The developers are probably planning on making more positive adjustement, you’ll see.
If the game is not ruined enough for some to play it…

[quote=“Ivar, post:110, topic:11137, full:true”]If the game is not ruined enough for some to play it…

See this is the part that makes you a troll. NOBODY here said the game was ruined and certainly not ME. In fact, I said the meta now is as good as any time since I started playing.

If you want to back up your opinion with facts (like posting the link to the Goblin rebalance) by all means, do it. It’s welcomed. If you want to correct something that I’ve said that’s not correct, again do it. I’ve already humbly admitted that I missed a couple of buffs in responding to other threads. That too is welcomed.

The backhanded and completely false comments however are not.


I for one find the new Dark Maiden to be quite a bit more useful than the old one.


To post all the changes, in the sense of how a troop was and how it is now*, is a little tricky here at work because i get interrupted a lot, but one thing that i remember that you maybe missed too was the rework on Mist of Scales that then needed a nerf to the Scale Guard because a team with four of it was able to one-shot nearly any troop with it’s spell. It’s the best example that i can remember of when sometimes they (devs) make some little mistakes that ends up making an OP troop.

*Perhaps, if it wouldn’t be of much trouble maybe Lyya could help us? Do you have the old stats/effects of the troops in a log from your databse @Lyya ?

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That’s not necessary, I believe you. As I already said, my recollection appears to be somewhat faulty.

The only thing I’m asking you to stop is the back-handed comments. I certainly don’t think anything has ruined this game. In fact, I think it’s one of the better games I’ve played in a long time.


I have some of the old World.json files, but many are lost to the sands of time before I decided archiving was a useful thing to do. There’s also no way to look at a specific troop’s history via the website. It’s something I’ve considered adding from time to time, but haven’t gotten around to actually implementing. If I get enough Scooby Snacks I might add it for people who care.


It’s ok, it would be useful for future discussions i think.

Any team can be beaten.

Just because one team a player has on defence may require a little more care in the match doesn’t mean that it is overpowered.

Every forum post requesting a nerf has been eventually taken up by the development team, which I actually find quite frustrating. The only true benefit I saw out of these changes to troops came out as a new trait to others, Invulnerable, not the tweaking of the said over-powered troop.

I actually enjoyed using Maw’s hunger, it was quite fun. I never used him on defence however. Now those rolls have been reversed and he’s become unused in attack since.

I freak’n used to LOVE how a boost to magic used to increase all numbers for troops like Celestasia, Web Spinner, Venoxia, etc. Adding Brian the Lucky to a team and keeping the match running for as long as possible used to keep me grinning from ear-to-ear.

I was a little saddened to see that one go :smiling_imp:

It has been hard for me to keep up to date with changes to ensure I find the game fresh and entertaining, keeping certain troops favourites. To have those changed any time soon, I think like another friend of mine I will be saying bye to GoW.

Hopefully, right now there isnt a developer seeing this request, rolling his/her eyes, thinking, ‘Would they like us to warm up some milk?’

About Khorvash i was just doing some regular battles for souls using him and Valkyrie (inovative i know) and faced a team with Bunny’nog…
Such was my surprise after a skull drop when the “diabolic bunny of destruction” reduced my Khorvash to one of hp. That was priceless, such a good laugh because i forgot about the Bunny’s third trait… :laughing:

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And done! The scaffolding, at least. I don’t have enough archival data (particularly around strings) to make it generally meaningful until the next weekly adjustment, when one arrives, but there’s at least one set of old data you can look at (though the text strings are wrong).

There’s more information in the Gems of War Database thread here:


I hope the intensity of this gif is not inappropiate for all viewers. :slight_smile:




is what you conclude from this (and then especially the last paragraph)

The responses to this topic have been really mindboggling to me. Why is there such a need to seem almost hostile on both sides of the argument?

This topic was just meant to discuss the new emerging meta, and to suggest that 2 of the dominant troops in the new meta (who are both newer troops) are IMHO a bit OP, but more importantly very annonying to play against. So to reduce the annoyance I’d like to see a small change to especially Manticore (which is what I suggested in the first post). If anyone disagrees with that, then fine. No problem! We don’t decide this anyway…
It was just a suggestion. I can just select to play against PVP teams without Manticore to avoid being anoyed… :slight_smile: