***quimby are recruiting - spaces available, rank 21, all tasks completed & multiple lt too, NO REQS BAR GOLD, SEALS & GW***


Hi all,
We are looking for new players to join our dysfunctional family.
We are rank 21 on PS4 & currently in bracket 2 for GW.
We have recently decided to waive virtually all event reqs, so our current reqs are:
Basic - 450k gold, 1,350 seals & all gw battles.
Rank promotion - 550k gold, all seals, 300 trophies & all gw battles.
We have no trophy reqs (except for promotions - outpourings of sudden game grinding are always welcome however), no raid / invasion reqs & I have no reqs for ToD either, my only requirement is gw, gold & seals. That doesn’t mean that we don’t do anything btw, just that if you have an off week or rl happens then there’s no worries - we always get most of the rewards from events but there’s no push or insistence to get them all.
We complete all weekly tasks & a few lt each week, what we also do is have a laugh on chat & help & support each other every day, as far as gaming families go we’re pretty awesome (although I am biased😉).
So if you’re tired of the grind but do still play & love kicking ass in gw then we are absolutely the guild for you!
If you’re interested, I have spots open for the right people, you preferably need to be either over level 1,000 or have a great selection of traited troops (neither are absolutely essential but gw can be brutal if you don’t) - pm me /reply on here or hit me up on psn (same user name), you can also message Saltytbone :+1:t2:



Hello… I would like to join and help out the guild. I am a little weaker but can grow fast. I understand the macainics of the game so I can beat battles that would be to hard. I can easily meet all of your requirements. My invite code is DRACONICDRAGON_DBSD… Also my psn account is dkids1246 this is a family account so that’s why it is named the way it is but I am the only one that plays GoW.

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Come & join us - we have cookies, we’ll share with the right people :wink:



Bumping, still looking



Beautifully put Casper.

Being a part of Quimby made this game 1000000x more fun for me.

Come join us! PM me.



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Quimby has an opening for anyone who is interested in joining a fun, active guild without all the reqs. To get the most out of this game, you need to be in a strong home. Come home. Come home to Quimby ™️



Good news for you: Quimby has another opening. 450k gold a week gets you a seat with the nicest bunch of strangers you’ll never meet. Guaranteed to make your life better*

*not a guarantee



Bump because we have a spot. Our loss is your gain. Drop them zeroes and get with the heroes. And so forth like that.