Q&A Thread & Guide Group-Up


The PvP guide is up, sorry it took me a few days to make! Let me know if I forgot any useful information!

@MrSammy: I don’t think the new PvP guide could fit in the wiki, but if you think I’m wrong I’ll put it up. Let me know!


Fantastic work @Mitheithel

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I’ve added a few more updates to the FAQ. This stuff has a lot of things that have differences between consoles and pc/mobile, so IF YOU PLAY ON XBOX OR PS4: please let me know if I’ve gotten something wrong! I think you might be getting an update soon (maybe it was today, judging from the support threads?) which may change some of this stuff. I will try to keep up!



Update to the FAQ: I’ve added a link to a console-specific FAQ from the Pipeworks forums to the top of the FAQ post, a link I found in a post on these forums by @Mr.Strange. It’s a small list of useful information concerning some of the differences between consoles and PC/mobile so I figured it was definitely worth mentioning. Check it out!

In related news, I am much busier than I have been lately, so work on this FAQ has slowed significantly. I do intend to keep working though, don’t worry! As always, feel free to submit questions. Sometimes as an old player I forget what it’s like to be new to this game, so help is appreciated :wink:


Is there anything anywhere about how critical hits and skull moves in general work (other then dealing damage)? I have noticed several irregularities in the 2 weeks I have been playing, and can’t find anything about it (or other game-play mechanics other then the mana-surge, and that only because it’s connected to the Masteries) in these forums. Although I may have missed something somewhere.


Basically, critical hits happen when you match more than 3 skulls. You deal the normal amount of damage +1 per extra skull. So if you were to deal 10 damage but you match 4 skulls, you would deal 11. Also, skulls do 1 point of damage on their own. So for instance, if you explode some gems and amongst them you have 2 skulls, you would deal 2 damage to the first unit. Let me know if I misunderstood the question. :slight_smile:


Here’s the question I always find myself asking in this game:

What should I be doing next?

There are so many things to do, and as a beginner I often have no idea what the benefits of any given behaviour are, or why I would want to do them. So I don’t know whether I’m better off buying all the kingdoms first, or levelling my first one up to 10. And I don’t know whether it’s more useful to complete the questlines in all of the kingdoms first, or do one then finish all of the challenges there. Should I be trying to do the weekly events every week? Are treasure hunts worth it, or am I better off playing the arena? What does your character’s level (as opposed to your class, kingdom, or troop levels) actually mean? That kind of thing.

I’m very much not going to try to write this list, because I really don’t know what I’m doing, but to give you the idea of the kinds of things I’m talking about, I’ll jot down a few things I’ve been told on the forums or in chat that I’ve found useful. (Some of these may be actively wrong; someone please check me):

Join a guild. Any guild that will have you will earn you free stuff, and quite a few of reasonably high levels are always looking out for active players. Don’t worry about your being low level; you can still contribute.

If you aren’t going to spend the real cash to go straight to one of the top-level armours, save up your gems and buy one of the best sets you can buy with gems, as soon as you can.

Spider Armour is a good choice for that; levelling up your character (XP) seems to be less important than levelling up your troops (souls) or your kingdoms and completing guild tasks (gold).

Buying access to all of the kingdoms as soon as you can increases your income.

Levelling your home kingdom all the way to 10 is a good use of cash, since it vastly increases your chance of tribute, and you get double tribute from your home.

Pick your home based on the troops you like to play; as you level your troops, you’ll increase the power of your home, which will increase tribute, which is doubled in your home.

For non-home kingdoms, levelling them all the first level or two is much more efficient than levelling them to 10, one at a time.

The blue bar below your kingdom represents how close you are to increasing a power level. If that bar is anywhere near to full, consider going and levelling up troops from that kingdom by a level or two, even though you don’t use them. The first few troop levels are cheap, and for a few souls that can increase the kingdom power level, which will increase your income.

Challenges net a good souls reward. They’re a good thing to play if you find yourself needing souls, and it’s a good idea to play them on the highest difficulty level you can manage, to multiply their already good rewards.


Can someone point me in the direction of a guide on advanced gem matching? Thanks.