PvP speed teams

I love Gorgotha, Ragnagord, Infernus, Elemaugrim
just quick enough for me

I also love that double Bombot team for explore :slightly_smiling_face:

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Just tested it in casual.

Basically you loop Alch and Hellcat? And use Gard as a finisher?

Loyalty gets killed too quickly with skull damage. And has a ludicrous atk value, I don’t even want to bother attacking using skulls with that. Means I have to eat the dmg next turn.
And I often found myself in the situation that, to keep the turn, I’d have to transform the color the other actually spams. Like much red and yellow on the board and I have to transform one to get chains for the other.
It’s tricky when yellow is surrounded by red or vice versa. As not enough new gems will drop for a chain to keep the turn.

How do you play that?

Loyalty means nothing but use as a skull shield. Should be able to take 4-5 skulls so it serves its purpose. The key in using loyalty is that every time you cast it increases armor on all troops. Because of this and Gard’s same ability for himself, Gard gets 7 armor every time you cast a spell. Here is how I play.

Fill Alchemist as quick as possible. Cast Alchemist to fill Hellcat. with a few back and forth you have just increased Gard’s armor up and filled him with mana. When Hellcat or Alchemist is filled, cast gard. Do it again, and you win on the second Gard cast. Matches are very fast and very reliable. Because you aren’t getting green mana unless it drops, Psion doesn’t steal mana. Leave all skull matches for them to burn their turn.

Because you need a few loops to get it to work, playing this on PC with 4X is best. Either way, I have never lost a battle with this team, not once.

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Also, don’t transform red or yellow until after the first gard cast. I will usually do that for the second because it will instantly fill him and finish the match.

Ok I get the hang of it, lost once though… to Psion, he alone wiped the team. That mana sucking brain.

Also one game takes me awfully long because I often have to check thoroughly which color to choose to keep my turn. Even when I only use 3-4 turns in the end.

edit: Just killed the opponent team in one turn, just by looping Alch and Hellcat xD (only because I could) Pity there’s no achievement for that.

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it’s one of those teams that takes a bit to get used to but when you master it, it’s very easy and reliable.

I’m using the same team for the extra glory this week. Just substituting loyalty for the event troop as a shield. Works well.

I’m a newer player and started playing in June 2017 so I don’t have a lot of the great cards that long time players have. I was lucky enough to get Infernus shortly after he was released and was my first Mythic. He has since been the cornerstone of all of my teams. With limited cards I had to find a ways to make it work.

My “speedteam” would be Gorgotha, Poison Master, Infernus, Naga Queen. I grinded pretty hard and got them all traited up. Frozen banner seems to work best. This team provides enough red gems so the -1 Red from the banner doesn’t effect it much.

Gorgotha is a meat shield i really don’t care much about, but his explode can come in handy depending on the board you get. Poison Master is your main mana generator. All the green explodes go to Naga Queen. Naga Queen turns browns to red and gives life which fills up Infernus. I normally wait for a 4 gem combo to use Naga Queen. This sounds like a lot of work, but it actually happens pretty quick. Once my first Infernus volley drops I usually able to keep my turn until the win.

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My favorite is still this one.

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If anyone happens to read this tread and they play on console: the only thing better than Justice is… Justice x2😁

“Frozen Girls”
Lion Banker

Queen Mab

Just spam ‘Ice Surge’ a few times always picking Skulls without paying any attention. You’ll win.

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@Strat thats my go to team on ps4 unless i am fighting a psion in which case i put EK or the troop of the week like falconer in first slot cuz i dont care if psion drains it


Try switching out loyalty with a fully traited mercy. Good for quick start and has cleanse if u get frozen

That’s what I used to use. I prefer loyalty over mercy just because it seems to be quicker getting up gards armor faster.

Dont u meen Honor then? Loyalty only gives life

It’s very fast for explore, but replace one bombot with the brown GW troop.

Also…definitely not good enough for pvp

Why not use Settite Warrior instead of loyalty & cast it’s spell on Gard to increase the armor?