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PvP Boring, no variety anymore

I feel like even the Firebomb Protector is busted. For the last week I’m just alternating through about 5 players running Fire Bomb or Life and Death. Yawn.


It is pointless doing PvP these days. You get the same opponent every 3 battles ever since the rewards were nerfed and the matchmaking was broken again.

All the cool kids just do Explore these days :sunglasses:

Shame the devs are meanies and won’t put Pet Gnomes in Explore though… :stuck_out_tongue:


Getting a decent game in pvp is like finding Bigfoot. If only there was some way to have the player base use a bigger chunk of the troop pool… :roll_eyes:


I remember devs saying, during a streaming, that next updates will consider a big rework of arena and pvp.
Am I wrong?

Pvp is wrecked mainly by idiot annoying defences that people insist on using. The only way to improve pvp is for everyone to put up rubbish suicide defs. That will make the devs take notice. But the idiot players don’t make this obvious adjustment to help in this regard. L and D? Goblin loop frenzy. Get a grip.


From our guild rules:
“- PLEASE: don’t set a lame and annoying meta defense in PvP” :wink:


I like having the meta teams on GW week
Best way to test a team is to fight all the hardest metas


May alluring people into spending gems be the reason why of so many instakill troops and one turn only losses?
It seems now the PvP is the only way to keep up with epic and legendary tasks… how is to lose at turn one, or to be killed with only one skull match supposed to be fun? Pvp isn’t broken, imo, just unfair and boring.

The point should be clear without everyone using rubbish suicide defs. With the notorious PvP “exploit”, one thing we could do is force the matchmaking to give us different players to fight. It got labelled as not intended and we got a nerf in the process. Facing off against the same teams and same players is also not intended. It should work both ways.

Still want to have a ban list, where I can pick lets say 3 weapons and 5 troops and never get teams with them in it in PvP anymore. That would force people to be a bit more creative.

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My thought was that PVP defence could work similar to GW defence. Pick 7 difference defence teams for the week using 28 different troops and you earn various bonuses (must be significant enough reward to give players incentive to do it).


Sorry, but that will NEVER happen. Devs only care about the revenue the game makes, not whether something is “fair” or “enjoyable”.


For a couple of weeks (or maybe 3 dunno) i did that but then got tired, why i got to give away free wins/golds and make all others waste less time to get R1 when i always meet the hardest crap (if lucky getting 1 easy team in the whole process of getting to r1)?

Even more seen the climbing to R1 is one of the few places where i lvl classes so even using ropedart with a subpar (and low lvl) class make fight meta and stuff even worse.

So now L&D gone back to pvp def here.

The only way to improve pvp is NOT play it, other than get to R1 at least, when devs see pvp is played as much as treasure hunts maybe will do something.

OK let me reword my comment, the reward must be more than is currently offered (i.e. zero) to give players an incentive to set different defence teams in PVP.

Initially I thought that was what the honor system was designed to do (i.e. give good/back feedback to defence teams you came up against in pvp, to try and force people not to use the same team constantly), however it failed abysmally.

Just out of interest, I used the 1 gem cost to refresh the PVP defence I was up against, and it took 18 gems before the 3 trophy battle was not some iteration involving L&D.

Oh yes, that reminded me something i forgot, read somewhere that setting suicide defenses also give you some honor more or less regularly, well, that’s plain no true either.

Maybe got a wopping total of 2 honors on the above mentioned weeks.

Not that i really care about it but most of those that are revered are trough trading, using alts and global chat.

It’s very very simple. The sheep who have never built an effective team in their life go down the monkey see monkey do meta route that destroys pvp and particularly post 4.7 pvp per se. Global is a consistent begging ground of uncreative players wanting raid etc teams. The same players whinge and whine when a suggested war team doesn’t bag an obligatory 5 nil. Adaptation or even consideration of the enemy defence is beyond their comprehension. Such players are frustrating in the extreme.

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May I add that this game is royally fucked by deviant subterfuge nerfing that doesn’t care dot about advanced players who have funded the game to its current state. I have zero respect for anybody involved in the production of this game. Ripping folk off and conning them is immoral. I reiterate that Sirrian’s so called stance on levels of healthy play is the most duplicitous untrustworthy falsehood I have ever read within these forums. Tomorrow sees another delve which aims to sap your healthy social life by absorbing your time and cash as much as possible. Disgraceful

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Agree 100% with your comment, people just jump on the band wagon and copy the current meta. There are nearly 800 troops in this game, a big part of the fun in this game is messing with different combinations and finding an effective team by your own creation. I have many unique and effective defence teams that I use, and same for GW and the teams I recommend to help out my guild members (B1), which gives me more satisfaction than ‘copy and paste’.

I always skip firebomb teams, yes they are an easy win but boring and no challenge, so I don’t want to give the opponent any reward for setting such a team. I do play L&D opponents because obviously they constitute a challenge, and although I do win the majority of times it’s important to know when to quit out and not spend too long trying to take down a 400 health L&D, that just killed your bottom troops with deathmark.

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The best way to fix pvp is to give players what they put up as a Def. So if you put up firebombs the AI will know you like it so it will give you a high dose of those. If you put up rope or say life death on Def then that’s what the AI will look for to give you. I bet Def would change a quite a bit if this is how the AI worked. This should make everyone happy. People wanting a challenge can put up a challenge on Def letting the AI know that’s what u want.