Put the day's bonus color on the "Attack" tab

I’ve yet to mistakenly use the wrong color make this mistake myself, but I’ve seen this happen to at least a few people so far. Yeah, I know, its your own fault if you don’t check the day’s color bonus on the schedule tab, but this is not really a problem that we need to have.


+1 to this.

It has happened to some of my guildmates. They thought the color order was same as the first week. During green day they got clean 5/0 but they fought with all yellow team. :sweat_smile:


agreed it is needed

Just echoing everybody else, since it happened to a guildmate, and it’s only a matter of time before it happens to me.

Bump, agreed. Moving on.

Awesome idea! :smiley:

Sounds useful.
I already forget what color my banner was 3 seconds after I hit the attack button xD Luckily I haven’t attacked with the wrong color team yet. But it’s only a matter of time.


I would love this. I keep going back to the schedule tab to double and triple check that I’m remembering the correct colour.

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Oooh, came across this:

Hopefully it’s still in the works? :slight_smile:


Yes, I was thinking the same, since it had been promised.

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