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Pumping Iron

Originally published at: Pumping Iron – Gems of War

New Epic Troop: Durgan Ironfall Durgan Ironfall will be available this week for 400 Glory in the shop as well as in Event Chests, and will appear in Glory, Gem, and Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time. World Event: Forging the Stone There are 6 battles that players can encounter during the event: Lord Ember,…

@Saltypatra can we chat about this. I’ve tagged you in the discord

Update 80 minutes into event:
According to the leaderboard, it is possible to reach the required 2933 points (per member x 30) using only free sigils (65 battles). Given this is a scaling event, if a guild has even 2 people buying Tier 4 or 4 people buying Tier 2, no one else needs to buy any tiers from the shop.
If the GM mandates that every single member must score above minimum share :man_shrugging: :sweat: then Tier 1 is sufficient.

Based on text as at 3:24pm PT 14-Feb-2021, these are the troops and points

[Epic     ] Lord Ember   : 8 Coins                 [ 8 points++]
[Epic     ] Volthrenax   : 12 Coins                [12 points++]
[Epic     ] Venbarak     : 12 Coins                [12 points++]
[Legendary] Shadow Dragon: 4 Coins and 4 Treasures [16 points++]
[Legendary] Venoxia      : 4 Coins and 4 Treasures [16 points++]
[Mythic   ] Elemaugrim   : 4 Coins and 8 Treasures [28 points++]

There is no refreshing, so at some stage the map may reduce to copies of only Lord Ember available. After which it really depends on your luck of which position you continue to battle (assuming preset reveals as usual).

Perhaps if enough people make a concerted effort to record the sequence they get from the position they choose, we could publish a “best route” strategy…

Incorrect prediction

Updated 11pm PT. Based on 88,000 points required for Reward Stage 12, and using the troop distribution (4:2:4:2:5:3) in the 11-Jan-21 world event as a model, it looks like Tier 2 x 30.
However because this is a scaling event, these achieve about the same total:

  • 30 x Tier 2
  • 8 x Tier 4 + 22 x Tier 0
  • 3 x Tier 6 + 27 x Tier 0
  • 1 x Tier 7 (8 times)

I’ll add my other usual graphics once the event goes live but for now, here is the scoring:

Please have a look at this statement I’ve made if you are at all unsure when you play the event with regards to scoring:

Each Coin is worth 1 point and each Treasure is worth 3 points. As each of the battles get harder, they will drop 25% more of their base rate of Coins/ Treasure. All battles can drop a variable amount too which is separate from the increasing amount of Coins and Treasures


Since our troops on offense aren’t determined by anything more than RNG or a dartboard.

If we can’t use this ↑ troop this week in the World Event. Then you suck devs*. That’s my official feedback for the week. :grinning:

*Or by devs I mean their bosses or the publisher, or the parents of the publisher or whoever wants to take responsibility for the direction/decisions of the game.

Because I’m quickly becoming woke to the fact that it is your Guild Managers that are your actual work horses that keep the game going. And y’all aren’t doing much to support us.

That being said. This GM just wants to crunch on some dragons this week. :grinning::pray:


Tau’s 2nd trait deals double skull damage to dragons. So we’ll see if he’s available.
Tau & Dragon Cruncher are pretty much it, as the other anti-dragon troops & weapons only give a tiny boost versus dragons.

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Ahhh so clearly this will be an only use “purple” troops event then eh? :wink:


Here are the graphics to help you this week:

Reward Tiers

World Event Details

Update: Based on the pc/mobile leaderboards, the average tier buy in required for a guild of 30 to close all rewards is: Tier 1 (~66 battles)



So no troops with Dragon Slayer. On the other hand, Lasher with +spell damage could be loads of fun.

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Great documentary based of the title. Enjoy!

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Lady Ironbeard does triple damage if her armor is higher than the enemy’s. Lord Ironbeard does triple damage to red enemies. Highforge stuns, summons and does considerable damage. Lasher is a given. Could be lots worse.


Based on the pc/mobile leaderboards, the average tier buy in required for a guild of 30 to close all rewards is: Tier 1 (~66 battles)


By my beards, is no one going to mention that Dwarves suck at the magicks?

Pumping Iron should be all abouts the axes and the skulls and the maximum strength buffs. Not all this fancy wizardry stuff.

Fix your lore.

Also, please fix the Xbox crashes. Doomed Club and Blade…


It seems like they are consistently putting out medals that buff the opposite of what the troops excel in. Runepriest for instance gives 2 life and ATTACK on 4+ matches to all dwarves. Runesmith and Thunderforge give attack as well. Anvil of Might gives Attack to an ally, and War and Peace gives 2 attack to all allies. Stone Aegis does as well give attack, but it’s conditional on enemy barriers (so, basically never).

However, a number of troops in this event do support a magic route. The new troop gives 3 magic to all brown allies. Emperinazara gives 2 life and MAGIC to all allies on 4+ matches( although she summons a bonestorm at start of battle…)


Thx for the suggestions. I didn’t even look at the new troop, and I’ve already forgot what the Kobolds do. In fact, I didn’t even notice I could use the Kobolds. I should read more…

Also, Thx @RiverSong for the Lord and Lady Ironbeard suggestions. I was over here hammering away with Apothecary, Gimlet and Highforge wondering why my hammers weren’t landing killing blows. “I’ll bash you good”…oh, spell dmg.

Okay, so, I’m using Doomed Sledge, Lord Ironbeard, Lady Ironbeard and Emperinazra (for the magicks, plus there are more bad dwarfs than bad kobolds to summon).

Question: Perhaps of topic, but we all friends here right? Mostly…I have 78 Forge scrolls. Better to use them on Sledge, or Doomed Codex? I never use either. Well, until this event…

Currently using this:

Working well so far.


Is that grudge keeper or something similar sounding? I used it in testing and it was so so good with highforge.

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Yes that is grudgekeeper. It’s what I’m using With Lasher / KH & Rock troll at the bottom to replenish browns. Been working just fine, since medals boost spells.