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Ps4 servers are down and slow again.... it must be the weekend!

I finished GW today and then 10 minutes later the crashes start. Whew close call.

The error screen should read: There was a problem when trying to contact the server. Please wait till Monday and restart your game.


This must be the new thing. Everyone gets on to play during the weekend and we overload their servers.

Hopefully with the next update that is what they work on. Not more for the game but more to make the game just run period!


50 gems cost to select a more stable server. :joy:


I think it is funny it is only the weekends… maybe another test by the devs?

Who will put up with the bs to play?

We should practice this in real life. “Dad, were hungry”. “Sorry, kids it’s the weekend”.


Speaking of kids. While we have time… :laughing: enjoy!

Edit. Put in the full version


yep completely dead on PS4, looks like thats me done for today. Just about to get Adana up to power level 7 aswell. Grr.

Yep in delve live on stream. If I quit I throw it away… 10th retry on black box…:face_with_symbols_over_mouth: last weekend it was 2 retries… this time it idk. It might be a wipe.

Thanks! Not!

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Would be nice if 505 move some hamsters from 1 of their other 47 games (Battle isle commander work perfectly) to gow server, is getting beyond patethic how the game is unplayable every day.

Oh, no need also send any april fool mail calling it compensation lol.

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Never give up. I waited 26 minutes and about 20 retries.
Finally a new code and I was back in. Delve saved but I think I’ll pvp for now.

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Same issues like last week.
Hooray, we’ll get again 100 souls and some gems as compensation!!


The problem is they got 5 server for xbox and ps4 so they took 3 for xbox and 2 for ps4 and now it’s running smooth on xbox but if they put 3 for ps4. Xbox will have server issues.

Please don’t change anything :stuck_out_tongue:


It sounds like it is better to go with even numbers instead of odds. Let’s just have 3 for each.

And how do you know all of this @Rickygervais?

Also I have had no issues this last hour. Let’s keep it up. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::+1:

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Just joking bro, i have no idea how many server they got lol


Our devs were working on these server issues as they happened yesterday, and we have a detailed log of the times they occurred. One of our staff was working remotely to fix them, and they should be running more smoothly now for ps4.

We have been investigating what is causing these issues, and have been doing so since last weekend. We are doing our best to get to the bottom of things.


Thank you @Saltypatra for the weekend response!! They have been running smoother now, I just didn’t want to speak too soon and jinx it. :rofl::joy:

Thanks again. :+1::+1: and keep up the good work.


PS4 is experiencing issues connecting to servers again. Or is just me ?

Me aswell, this is why i refuse to spend a penny on microtransactions. Im not spending money on a game were the servers are constantly broke.

Starting the game now this is what it showsIMG_20180923_083544

any reason ps4 error listed under pcmobile gameplay chat?xD