PS4 Chat window glitch/ bug

When I press the PS4 touch pad accidentally or otherwise at any time (menu, battle etc.), the chat window appears and I am unable to remove it unless I restart the game. I am unable to select “disconnect” as the sub layer window will not drop down anymore.

I can move the window, and it dims when I press the touch pad a second time. However, the window remains blocking everything I do. I used to see an option to change the opacity, but I can’t find it in the current version of the game. Maybe I am missing something. Please help.

One more point. When the chat window is working properly, “disconnect” is highlighted briefly, but it automatically switches to the option on the left. Why? Is it possible to include an option to load the game with chat off? I ask because in my experience, negative or profane comments were popping up on my screen, and I had to exit chat just to avoid those pop ups.

I tried to search but no one seemed to be mentioning the same issue.

Thank you. I am enjoying the game other than having to restart it often.

This might help? Unfortunately I’m not sure where the slider is exactly :frowning: (I’m not on console)

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This sounds like a great idea if it could work on console. I have not been able to get to the secondary page for “channels” and “disconnect”. My slider is about 20% from the right from when I was able to access that part of the menu in a past update.

Is there some game menu where I can turn off the touch pad button, or adjust the slider from outside of the chat window? I hope the option button can contain chat options as well, so we can work around the chat window blocking the screen in the meantime.

Thank you, and I hope we can find a resolution soon.

X1 here so you many need to translate the buttons.

“View” Button brings up chat window, press it again to remove chat window

When in Chat window is active press Down on Left Thumbstick to pull up Chanel number, fade, disconnect.

Right on Left Thumbstick “Global Block List”

When chat is active, X Button to block profane comments via their profile

The thumbstick controls seem to be identical. When I press down on the left thumbstick, that secondary page does not come up any more. I see the indication telling me I need to press down, but it is not working currently.

Using the ps4 controller, I used to complete the operation just as you described to remove the chat window. My “view” button is the touch pad.

When I try to shift between global and guild chat (R1 and L1), probably right and left bumpers on Xbox if I remember correctly, I can briefly see the hidden page containing the fade slider disconnect and channel buttons.

I am wondering if it is just my game now, but I don’t see how it could only be my game if all PS4 users have to download the same update to use the game. I don’t think it is my controller. I use the same buttons without issues in other games.

I guess at this point I want to know if anyone else is unable to select “disconnect” from the PS4 build.

Thank you for your help.

Just wanted to add closure. There was an update that happened the week I reported the issue, at is has been fine ever since. Thanks all.

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I use circle to close it, but glad it’s fixed for you.