Proof of life please

Is the “probably next week” recipe different than what we have now? What we have now isn’t fair for anyone who already spent event keys. Is there a new plan?

Can the Soulforge be updated to allow some recipes to consume troops? Would this be an option?

Agreed that this comment is cheerful, and nice to see the devs liked the idea of exchanging one mythic for the other.

But, I am wondering if Sirrian knows Arachnean Weaver already is in the soulforge.


This also confuses me.

Is it an all-or-nothing affair? (If so, why?)

When making Xathenos, weapons aren’t consumed.

When making Enraged Kurandara Heart of Rage was consumed — so, for at least a brief time, both ways of crafting were available (albeit troops and weapons are likely tagged differently).

And if weapons are different than troops, well, the question remains: why can’t some recipes consume troops (for times like these) and some (most) recipes avoid doing so?


because they’re very bad at making code that works? … this should be pretty obvious by now!

A permanent recipe is the best solution. I imagine it’ll cost as much or slightly higher than the current AW cost.

But if it’s somehow less expensive. Then cool. :+1:

Rather help players for years to come than “be fair” to those who already crafted AW.

It would be just as fair to those who crafted AW for 4k diamonds the rotation before this week. 🤷

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I had a sneaking suspicion this might be the case that individual recipes couldn’t be tweaked to consume/not consume for whatever reason. Thank you for being direct in your communication. I feel like if this had happened from the start, it would have been much easier to reach a favorable outcome for both sides.

While I still don’t agree that a discounted standard diamonds recipe in soulforge is the “fair” thing to do here, even if it is discounted more, I do find it a bit concerning how the replacement offer isn’t feasible because you lack the tools to do it on your end (if not a soulforge swap, which would be mostly hands off, then data log parsing everyone who pulled Archproxy during the affected period and sending an in-game mail for them to send a ticket if they want to swap - and thats if this can’t be handled by an in-game form, which I’m not sure if is possible for you guys). If the support volume would be so high here as to make this a not viable solution, it really draws to light questions about just how many people were affected and/or how backed up and understaffed support is. People are reporting that support directly denied this request when asked, leading me to believe this about more than “it won’t work to do the swap via soulforge”.

Regardless, I do think it is critically important that you devote at least some of your attention to having (completely hands off, automated but frequently checked) in-game notifications of when chest contents last changed, when they will next change, and what exactly is in them. People shouldn’t have to guess if something is or isn’t in chests or argue after the fact whether something should or shouldn’t have been and who’s fault it was that they didn’t know, it should be based on a set of rigid rules with ample notification if and when those rules change and always up to date in-game information direct from the process responsible for rolling the loot (or at very least from the same source) to verify it against.


Not convinced yet. The Sirrian I remember once suprised me with a very detailed response to a Blighted Lands tribute bug report, explaining the technical aspects of what had gone wrong.

However, troop consumption is handled on server side, and Archproxy Yvendra would be easy to identify and consume, either by troop id or by being the only mythic troop used as crafting source. Recent Gnome-a-Palooza changes have also shown that server side updates can be done surprisingly fast, well within a single day. Since you would love to add the exchange option, would you mind sharing the technical aspect I’m missing that prevents you from doing this?

It doesn’t help, this is just a windfall for players who had planned to craft Arachnean Weaver anyway. Crafting mythic troops requires several months of preparation, due to the highly time gated diamonds involved. Players opened event chests for Arachnean Weaver because they didn’t have diamonds for crafting, and won’t now suddenly have them. At least not unless they receive some diamonds for the event chests they opened, which has also been proposed as viable compromise.


Well… Nim just let me know that she was able to do a half-cost Arachnaean Weaver and it went in the store earlier this week… that’s great!

Unfortunately, one of the issues with being unable to go into the office is that I don’t always hear the day-to-day things that happen like this (another reason I’m cautious in venturing into the forums these days, because I don’t like providing incorrect information). Apologies for that miscommunication.

However, troop consumption is handled on server side, and Archproxy Yvendra would be easy to identify and consume

Possible, yes. Easy… well… nothing is ever as easy as you’d like with servers. You kinda get 2 choices with these types of things:

  • Hack it in and just get it done - which experience tells us seldom leads to good things (yeah, we’ve done it before, more times than I’d like to admit… you often end up with a bug that’s worse than the issue you’re fixing, or you end up with some extra tech debt down the line.
  • Do it properly and support both consuming AND not consuming troops, which just wasn’t going to be feasible this close to our next submission for version 6.0. We’d have had to delay the fix for a few weeks.

Anyway, I made the call to put it in at a discount, and I do believe it is probably the best compromise we were able to make at this time.


… I am reasonably sure that’s Sirrian. :thinking:

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I can relate. Then again, maybe the Sirrian bot just got a memory upgrade.

I do believe this is very akin to “hack it in and just get it done”, which “experience tells us seldom leads to good things”. In fact, we seem to have “ended up with something worse than the issue this is supposed to fix”, and with “some extra debt down the line” on top.

So the only obstacle that prevents the proper fix is time. I’m confident those who wasted their event keys would be okay with waiting a few weeks for the exchange option, especially if this were to be announced in some way. I’m sure the community would help to distribute the announcement, to ensure it reaches those still waiting for a fair solution. Would you agree that this sounds like a reasonable compromise, much more appropriate than the best compromise you were able to make at that time?


Can Arachnaean Weaver be put in the Soul Forge permanently to ensure no one effected by the incident won’t have a fair chance to craft it at a discount please?

Some people spent money to roll, after all you can buy gems.

You made the call to then sell a discounted version to those people. They already paid!

After selling a faulty product, your solution is to sell it again for half off. This is called stealing.


So…how did you not know but still made the call? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Literally every update. :rofl:

It suspect he might not have been informed of the full extent of the issue. Hopefully he will have some time to read up on it, because the call he made is definitely coming across as weird. “Sorry you didn’t receive the Arachnean Weaver you paid for, as compensation we’ll allow someone else to craft it at half cost”.


Weird? Nah, totally normal! /s

Haven’t you ever bought something online, only for the delivery item to be the wrong one, and the store then offers you the correct item at half off? No? You havent? You would expect them to exchange the items? Otherwise you would just do a chargeback and post negative reviews?

But IP2 and even Sirrian says selling it again is totally fine!!!

My wallet stays closed. Stop stealing IP2. Do the right thing.


Please please give us- the community- the benefit of the doubt. PLEASE read what happened- don’t take the short version you have been told and act on that only.
The Arachnaean Weaver issue made @awryan reach out to you and even on your end, you were urged to come to the forum. Weavergate has been extremely poorly handled.
Do you even know how many bugs we have to deal with on almost a weekly basis? And some of the bad ones takes months for you to fix - that is bad, but Weavergate is too much. That wasn’t right. We are talking about people spending money or/and several month of playing - WASTED because it was forgotten to be mentioned that Arachnaean Weaver wasn’t going to be in event chests the first 4 days. When a “sorry” didn’t satisfy the community, then the answer has been that we should have known because it was mentioned 3 or 4 years ago, that it could happen…


So 6.0 is coming soon :slight_smile: .
Thanks for your answers and nice to see you here!

no doubt 6.0 will ‘work as intended’ like everything else in the game.

I remember
Such a shame!

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remember #weavergate

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