Promised Path Rewards not received by many

the ACTUAL mistake is only giving a single extra tier… its incredibly inequitable and yet another slap in the face to high level players. Can you please reset my level to level 1 so that i may “earn” these rewards? thanks.


I’ve definitely passed that feedback on, sorry @Schaafy (and everyone)

I logged into the game, ready to play for a few hours and to look out for the promised rewards, but didn’t find anything. Then I came here, read that higher level players basically wasted time and money to get to their respective levels. Then I logged out again of the game. Why playing when it means you probably will miss more stuff that way?! When just logging in probably earns you more resources than playing the game …


Here is part of the reply I sent to @Jeto as a follow up to my help ticket response:

"I’m sure things were chaotic there, given that last week was such a mess. I appreciate that you were trying to get information out quickly. However, a fast response is only helpful when it is accurate.

Call me old-fashioned, but I believe that when a company makes a commitment in writing to their customers, they should honor that commitment."

I know you guys are working hard for us but between the underspire fiasco and the miscommunication on this issue - last week was very disappointing. Let’s hope for a better week this week.


Totally agree.

They promised one thing in writing and absolutely should honor that.

Well, I am sorry but which time in a row of you being sorry is this?
It surely looks like you use it as a casual throwaway phrase without any backing, appropriate action afterwards and trying for future improvements. At this point you might as well say “ekki-ekki-ekki-ekki-ptang zoom-boing z’nourrwringmm” instead of “sorry” and it would make no difference whatsoever.


I’m not VIP20, but I still spent a lot of money supporting the game. I usually bought the Ring of Wonder, which means I am now a higher level player and can no longer enjoy the new rewards for hero leveling at all. Own fault I hear you say, so I will take my measures. From now on I will be a F2P player, sorry.


Its already been plainly laid out. No extras here, discussion is done. Speak with your wallets and reviews.