Promised Path Rewards not received by many

Platform, device version and operating system:
PC/Mobile, Android, 13

Screenshot or image:

There were also 2500 shards in this email, not shown in the ss.

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:

I was expecting to receive tbe rewards for Exalted Path level players, as promised :

    • If you are on the Exalted Path you will receive the Paragon’s Path rewards
  • Anyone over level 1500 will also gain the previous iteration of Exalted Paths rewards.

What actually happened:

I did not receive the Paragon’s Path rewards, I only received the previous iteration of the Exalted Path rewards.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

Thursday/Friday Sept 8/9 - all emails were reported as sent.

Steps to make it happen again
Reporting this as a bug as so many other people have had the same issue. Will also send in a help ticket with my personal details so the promised additional compensation can be sent.


Probably same. Can’t tell since there’s not much information about these paths and their rewards once you passed them.

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Paragon path rewards, plus a bunch of troops. NOTE: not mine, posted by another player

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got only 1 too, my level:

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same. Reward msg shows only the previous Exhalted Path iteration, nothing about Paragon Path.

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Yep, only got one as well. Level 1658

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Beside reward from active pass, I’m pretty sure, for previous path rewards, they meant…

  • If you are level 1,000 - 1,500 you got Paragon Path rewards
  • If you are level 1,500+ you got one pack of Exalted Path rewards

So the important part is what is your level right now? If it’s more than 1,500, then it’s not really a bug to not get Paragon Path reward.

It would be a lot clearer if they said “If you are on the first initiation of Exalted Path you will receive the Paragon’s Path rewards”

It looks like you will only get one extra path rewards from where you currently are. It’s quite unfair for player level 2,000+ that should get 2+ packs of Exalted Path rewards, but only get one. And it would be simpler for everyone to get free rewards possible now since level 1, even though it might be too many free resources. It seems fairer that way.

Still, the issue of retroactive reward can be complicated. Like if I play 1K PvP battles before they add ingot system, should I get 1K random Ingots for free when it was introduced? Hard to say, and there will be a bias toward no, to keep people engaged in new content.

the only issue with the comparison to pvp and ingots is: you can always do another 1000 pvp to get those ingots, you CANT de-level back to 1 to obtain these passes, and THAT is the issue, the free paths MUST be given to everyone who is of the correct level, and the paid paths MUST be purchasable by the same, since there is no way for us to “go back” and re-earn these rewards, its not just “compensation” its actively punishing their most dedicated players.


That’s not what they said, though.

“You will also gain” means on top of the other thing.

Otherwise they would have needed to leave out the also.

Having reached 1500+ and getting two paths really isn’t all that much anyway.


Sorry, to me, “will also gain” is very clear. It’s not like they didn’t think about it before they sent out an official corporate communication about compensation to the user community.

There have been times in the past where players might not have agreed with the message being delivered, but the messages about compensation have never been unclear. I’m not asking for rewards from 0, although I believe that would be appropriate. I’m just making them aware that what was stated in their message was not received.

As I mentioned somewhere earlier, it could easily be an email error. I don’t know what happened and I’m not going to try to guess or infer or interpret. I’m just taking them at their word.

Except they kinda did. Shorter quote is a bit misleading, because they’re 2 texts from different section.

To simplify, it’s…

  • if your level is least than 1,500 - you got previous path rewards
  • if your level is more than 1,500 - you got one pack of Exalted Path rewards
  • if you level is least than 100 - no extra reward, as it’s the first path.

I’m above 1,500 myself, and also didn’t get Paragon Path rewards, but I don’t feel like it’s bugged at all. Not how it should work and could be better, maybe, but it still work as intended.

You can, but why spend all that effort over again? The argument right now seems to be that if I know they will add extra reward for leveling up like this, I shouldn’t be leveling up top fast then, which is a strange argument.

This path thing is a new content, having everything unlocked immediately for everyone might be a bit much. It’s kinda an extra motivation for newer players to start now and get more rewards compared to veterans who already have high level.

It’s just the way F2P game with new contents keep being added in work sometimes. There will always be an easier way to gain current resources in the future, and you can either wait it out or bruce force it and try your best.

What im saying is, the ingots are not missable, you can go back any time you need more, these rewards ARE missable, and therefore should be distributed to those who can no longer earn them. If i could reset my level to level 1, so that i could earn these rewards, i would. But that is not possible, so it is actively punishing high level players for having played the game, and that is a TERRIBLE look for a free-to-play game.

I find it surprising that you are attempting to nterpret a direct quote that was literally one line after the next. In no way did I present the information in a misleading way. I’m also not sure why you feel the need to try to “clarify” this but I don’t see a lot of other similar feedback. I will look forward to the official response on Monday.

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The issue here relates to the wording as it says exalted will receive paragon path and that anyone over 1500 will also receive to he previous exalted. So by what’s written 1500 + should get 2 rewards due to the ‘will also’.


Well…let’s see that the official response is…and then I might also file in a support ticked just out of principle, not because I’m in dire need for the stuff in previous passes (lower level Exalted, Paragon, etc) as it’s almost entirely underwhelming (as, by the way, is Daily Progress task big prize of 15min of XP bonus…novice player might be happy about it, but for 2000+ players - nobody cares!)

Thanks to @TimeKnight for playing devil’s advocate, but, as others have previously mentioned, this wording

makes it quite clear that everyone with 1500+ should receive both previous Exalted Pass and Paragon’s Path rewards;
besides, PvP analogy as a very poor attempt to side with devs as PvP - unlike these new level-related passes - is available to all the players all the time for unlimited playing at their will.


Why does everyone keep conveniently remove

    • this

From the quote? Are you simply misunderstanding, or actively twisted their words to support your case? Damn…

I’m not sure what to explain when the problem seems to be the reading issue, but I will try anyway. The 3 ifs are part of the first main section. There are 3 main sections, and you can only fit into one of them. Combining last condition of 1st section to 2nd section is just ridiculous.

Could they write the post to be clearer? Sure. Make it explicit that player on “first” Exalted path will get Paragon Path rewards, while player who already finished all Path (Level 1,500+) will “also” get something, which is first Exalted path rewards, because they’re on the 2nd+ one. Why do you think only Level 1,500+ players should get two compensation while everyone else get only one anyway?

Lack of reading comprehension is not a reason to create a bug report though, because the problem is your misunderstanding of the way things should work, and bug report is to reporting when thing doesn’t work as it should be. To discuss and ask them to clarify about it, you can just ask them in a gameplay chat or official post.

Maybe I was wrong when we get the official response, but I doubt that. I just don’t like bug report being used to push some agenda like this, when it should be use to resolve explicit game issues.

I don’t know why everyone keep missing the point, it’s not about rewards being miss-able, it’s about old players feeling entitled to earn reward from new content, when they already accomplished before the new system was added.

It’s very similar to the case here, and guess what, we also get a post about it. It’s more about PvP tier reward, but the main concept still fit.

And this response still work for now.

You can still make a case about how you should get it for sure, but surely not with bug report. They didn’t even have to retroactively give one more previous part to everyone, but they did anyway, and that’s still not enough for some. It’s not like there are miss-able deed books in them anyway.

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In terms of reading comprehension, the bullet point is irrelevant. It is the use of the word also. Also means “in addition to .” If your point is correct, then in addition to the previuos iteration of exalted path means what, exactly?

I don’t appreciate you implying that people’s reading skills are lacking and that tbey are being greedy and they don’t know how to use the bug report system when they interpret the text differently from you.


When they first re-worked the Adventurer’s Path however long ago, even though I was WELL above the level for it, I was able to go into the menu and claim the rewards, which by your logic, I should have just had to live without. There is precedent for them changing the path system and making those rewards available to ALL who have surpassed that level. And yet again, I will reiterate that they are literally losing out on income by NOT offering the paid paths. Nobody is going to buy a pass when they are 5 levels into it, but if you make available the already completed passes, I’m sure quite a few people would bite on those.


You are right, one does not have to compensate every time one changes rewards. Unless … one changes rewards that are not available to ALL players. Not that all those high level players need those rewards, even though writs are not easy to earn in any other way, but it’s about the principle (doesn’t exclude anyone)

Hi all, we apologise, using the word “also” was a mistake.
Everyone on the Paths (Apart from the Adventurer’s Path) was intended to get the 1 set of Path rewards prior to their currently active path.

So for players level 1500+ that just meant 1 set of exalted path rewards from their previous exalted reward path for the previous 500 levels.

We really are sorry for this mix up in wording and are kicking ourselves about it because more than 3 people read this before it was posted and none of us picked up on the wording. It was a genuine mistake and we’ll do our best to be more careful in future.