Preview for next week's troop maybe has the wrong trait


Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
The tower invasion troop seems to have godslayer instead of siege breaker . Just wanted to give a heads up before the event launches.


It isn’t something that keep happening again and again? Nobody to fix bugs on weekends so, that’s probably going to stay like that until monday.

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You’re probably right, unfortunately

Just buy the headstart offer ! It all just be fine.

Thank Anu i can pay to not play.


I’d be inclined to call this a “mistake” and not a “bug”. It’s programmed properly and shouldn’t crash the game; it’s not the trait that it ought to be, but that’s a factor of selecting the wrong item to drag-and-drop into that spot and not programming ineptitude. It’s working as written; it just was written wrong.

And it’s hardly the first time something like this has happened. Either somebody will retcon this on Monday morning and pretend it didn’t happen or they won’t do so and the rest of us will simply adapt our teams to the lack – most likely by deploying the already-existing Goblin Siegebreaker in tandem with the new troop and sticking it up front so it can pummel Towers with skulls.

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Aren’t we forced to use this new troop for double points?

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Yes. But you’ll also use three other troops and there’s no particular reason why players wouldn’t use the old Siegebreaker as well as to plow through the event even more quickly.

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