Potions Explosions are hurting more than helping?

Just pick up a switch if you want a taste of the “old”. I play on both and switch is a crawl in comparison.

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I have a Switch… But my 2.5 years of experience is on my PC/mobile account. So though I appreciate your insight. Think before you speak (specially since… The Switch just got potions as well.)
4 Explosions is 24 potential gems. That’s the max possible. Despite usually my explosions only affecting 12 potential gems. I digress, explosions can only generate up up 50% Mana based on the gems they effect. Each explosion has a grid base of 6. And yeah it’s possible Cascades can help. It’s just as possible that Cascades can help my 4 or 5 extra turn that the Explosions took away.

No where in the OP or any comment am I suggesting the permanent removal. Let those who enjoy the game have all the explosions they could ever want. Just also let those who know how to play have the ability to turn them off when they themselves believe it’ll be strategically beneficial. Freedom of choice is always a good thing. Just remember boys and girls… That includes the freedom to be silent when you don’t do your research before weighing in on matters.

Most likely it starts with 6 Mana, then you have 2 Mana probably from enchant… So yeah if you have 8 brown gems exploded. Your instantly full.

Dude, it’s the internet. I posted yesterday about a time when I couldn’t use my fancy phone app to skip the checkout line at a grocery store because they didn’t put the produce code on the sign. In 10 minutes I had 8 downvotes, 4 people saying that never happens, and one person had actually driven to the store to take a picture of the sign to prove that I must have totally missed the code.

You could post that the sky is blue and I can already think of people pointing out:

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It doesn’t matter that none of that matters to anyone. What matters is you are WRONG on the INTERNET and someone’s going to get a single like for posting it.

I am playing switch as we speak. No potions. Also I dont know what explosions you are experiencing that only get 6 gems. Are yours only exploding 2/3 of the way? But as usual I am just stupid and ignorant. Oh yea and all my information is just incorrect and I dont know how to play.

The solution to such an issue.
4.2.5, 4.3 + 4.3.5 Patch Notes (Nintendo Switch)
My bad… My math is based off skulls and Doom skulls on the board as well. By now I forgot that it can explode 9 gems but skulls and overlap I only think of it as 6 Mana gems. Experience has altered my perception that I forgot how it’s “intended” to work.

Potions may be there in the future, but are not in the faction event today. Probably because the event started before the patch was implemented.


It’s not a coincidence, imo. The boards were never that good before potions. This game has always trolled us, because frustrated people spend money, for whatever reason.

That’s one way to save people some gems. The explosion potion gives mana and speeds up events there is no way I would want to trade that for something as bad as enrage. When I do events I always buy the first 2 tiers for those explosions even when I don’t need the sigils like faction events. 60 or 70 gems and the posibility of losing an extra turn is worth the time the explosions save. The mana is better than an extra turn in a lot of situations anyway. In my Orb team I would happily trade even 1 blue mana for a 4 match of red that I don’t use.

And sometimes I get starting boards without extra turns even without explosion potions
I demand full mana for my whole team immediately!!!
Devs do something!!!


The math is very tedious here as all combinations have to be manually considered and coded in the model. Hence, the exact numbers and probabilities are sort of pointless. IMHO, your rough approximations are more or less accurate. I tried to do something similar, lost train of though as there are too many combinations and finally came up with something around 60% for explosions disrupting pre-existing 4+/5+ match possibilities. So, a number within that range from 50 to 60% seems to be reasonable. Keep in mind that addition of a few extra skulls or D-skulls after the explosions is going to cause additional disruption of possible 4+/5+ match possibilities. So, overall, there should be a significant decrease in 4+/5+ matches after the explosions, something in the range of 25% or more, hard to tell exactly as the math is really complex here. It is supposed to be compensated by some mana gathered as the result of explosions. However, the impact of this factor is even harder to approximate even remotely.

This is just my opinion on this but why not, if we do buy up to the Explode Potions that they don’t explode at the start of battle but only when we press a button (console) or click (PC). That would solve the problem with 4 or more in a row being taken away at the start and if we needed to use the Potions we can :grinning: again just what i think :+1:


I love this idea, but it favors the player to such a degree I doubt we’ll ever see it.

But an option to “trigger” our potions when we want during a fight rather than the current way they’re all just turn-one-activated could change the game in a great way. Gives the player more options during the player’s turn (and, potentially, different strategic choices. Consider the difference between such a system where a potion and a spell could occur in the same turn, for instance, versus a system where a player would have to choose “on this turn do l want a potion or the spell l have charged…”)

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Until someone does this this whole thread is just feelings and observer bias imo.

I feel there’s an abundant bias to dismiss any observation as observation bias.
If that was always the case then there would never be any bugs in the game.
If anyone did waste the time gathering data. Nothing would change. It’s a fools errand. The devs are fully aware of what the Potion Explosions do or do not do.

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Thank you :grinning:
I’ve always thought it should be that way, with explode Potions like if you get all your extra turns at the start ‘then’ you can use it :+1:

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Wait, are we talking about the devs that only became fully aware of a bug in PvP power score handling after several years of complaints? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Aware of what? You are welcome to show me where they admitted it was bugged. But essentially, they made a change that wasn’t properly tested with 3.4 and finally got around to fixing it after massive amounts of outcry a few weeks ago.

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Not sure about the details of the bug, I think it was about power scores of defense teams not matching power scores of attacking teams, even when set up entirely the same.


You’ll have to dig but Sirrian said somewhere that the change caused a bug after 3.4 that he fixed before we saw it. Good luck.