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Have a feeling of impending doom?
Climb the tower with us as we scout the floors
One spot availableThe_Raven__s_Tower_by_jerry8448-309x500

Hello. Do you have a slot still?

I’d like to join, I like the look of this as I’m a daily player Level 798 with a 10k power main PvP team. I am quite active in text chat and friendly and a team player, but I don’t like games to feel like a second job, I mean they are for fun, right?

This week in my current guild I’ve contributed 399k/1151/181 and killed 11 Dooms. I always do all Guild Wars battles and as much Guild stuff, 3 daily dungeons etc.

All Kingdoms levelled and a decent Underworld spec, but I do confess to finding delves pretty dull and hard work for the rewards you get!

If you’ll have me let me know, I’m just typing up a goodbye note to my current guild. I do it with a fairly heavy heart but it’s just too inactive. Only about 6 players contribute anything of note, so it’s time to go. sadly. I’m not a casual “guild jumper” and don’t take this lightly.

Oh I’m UK based if that’s any help for timezone activity.

My invite code is SLAAGHT but I’ll stay in my guild to say goodbye and give you time to respond.

Thanks for reading! :grinning:

We would love to have you join our team.
Sounds like you would fit right in, we ask that you be active but we don’t take things too seriously. It is a game and supposed to be fun.
I hate delves too :slight_smile:
When you have said your goodbyes and left your current guild let me know me know.

Great stuff, thank you! I’ve said my goodbyes.

No responses yet they are so quiet, but I’d like to hear from a couple of the active guys so I’ll jump ship over the weekend and drop you another message here, ready to get stuck in for all of next week’s activities.

I’ll get the Giants charged up and ready to fight! :muscle::+1:

Sounds great. We have finished all tasks for the week anyway so if you join sometime on Sunday you can get in on the rewards after reset.

Invite sent
Welcome to The Realm!

Dancing in the Zombie Zoo
One spot available

Why are we dancing you might ask?
Why because last week we:
Completed Legendary tasks
Achieved 40k seals
Closed all portals in ToD
This week are completing It’s, will be at 40k seals by Friday in time for Mythic release.
One spot available

It’s Urskaya week, we need one more murderous bear.
One spot available

Shameless bump

One spot available after reset.
Looking for one level 500+ active GW player.
Weekly event participation, use your free sigils.
We complete LT’s, close all portals.

Come join the party in The Realm play for fun AND rewards.
One spot available header

One spot available

Sent pm to you

Look at that we have not recruited for almost 2 months!
Join a solid group of friendly, active, helpful zombies.
Only one spot available for player level 500 or higher.
A rare opportunity to join our awesome team
PM me for more info.

One spot available
Join now and reap the rewards of all tasks completed Monday

We have one spot open

We have one spot open.
Level 500 or higher.
Requirements 0 trophies, 1200 seals, minimum 300k gold. Participation in all events, use your free sigils.
We are competitive but don’t take ourselves too seriously.
GW bracket 12.
All tasks and It’s. All portals closed in events.
Please PM me if interested

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