POLL: Random Gem Spawners

I can attest to this. I have noticed a few times today that match four’s are not giving me an extra turn, and like @Strawnyy, I wasn’t frozen either.

@Alpheon ^


I am not blind and I would HEAR the frozen sound… I swear I’ve missed a extra turn and just skips my extra turn and gives them the turn…


Dunno where to start but i just go for it.

First of all, i think it is a shame to bring in those kind of game breaking changes without communicating them accordignly and early enough!

Second of all, I can’t understand, how fresh content only a week live can be that broken to make Devs whirling the nurfhammer in this way besides it came again mid GW week.
What happened before the content patch went live?
Was the Content balanced based on the data you catched in the test phase?
I have to doubt that when i see the results.
If you didn’t catch enough data in this short amount of time, maybe come up with a -public test realm- and give it more time and people to test?

Third of all I can’t understand why the solution to balancing issues out of new content that already should have been -and was- tested before it came live, now messes around with the “true” rng.
The patch intervenes massivly in the gameplay!
If the Devs don’t want loops to appear for more than 1 - 2 extra turns, they should really balance out creatures, traits and abilitys. Messing around with the “true rng” and intentionally avoiding events that would usually happen in a game with those specific creatures is more like cheating on your players than fixing problems.
Btw this patch is not fixing anything, if abilitys, that where developed carefully (i guess?), should work out as a caskade / extra turn for the player now PUNISHES your players for using them, by giving everything to the AI intentionally and ending in a ton of losses. It is frustrating!

It comes in addiion that the Devs now made everything a s**** load harder for lowlevel players to take part of GW & PvP.
Lower Creatures + fewer deck combinations + now not even small loop combinations work out = devastating for newcomers. I mean… who needs new customers right ?

Imo the Devs have to bring back to their memory that people (including me) are paying real money for the gamecontent AND their effort to support and evolve the game in a balanced and rewarding way and not for the feeling of beeing cheated.
The changes feel sloppy and like a uncovered compromised solution

  • no one ever asked for it
  • it is mid guildwars week (again)
  • RNG should stay RNG and not some scripted, manipulated happenings playern can’t even predict - because the card texts tell different storys.

This has been happening to me as well and with out being frozen or having any reason to lose a turn.

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I used gem spawners on PC after the change. For GW battles, even. In my experience they are “semi viable so long as you get enough of a color on the board.”

I don’t want them to become more viable. I can choose if I want to use them in my teams, but I can’t choose who I play against (especially in GW), so I prefer if the AI will not have the capability of looping forever with just a bit of bad RNG. As it is now, I can still use spawners with care and moderation, and I know the AI cannot do the same so I’m at an advantage. As far as I’m concerned, this is a good state for the game to be in.


Mostly agree with what @yonizaf said. Anything creating fewer than ten gems will pretty much always be a gamble - and so it should be - greater skill and timing needed to manage that as a player so these spells work to your advantage. Definitely don’t want situations creating where the AI can spam loop you to death.

And thanks @mithran for the efforts in making the poll.

But that is really not how they seem work now.
“skill and timing” has absolutely no bearing if the system just randomly gives or denies extraurn constellations. Where is my skill and timing when i play Jarl on a ~14/14 board and it still misses the overwhelming amount of times and basically never hits twice in a row even though the board stays heavily favorable for it in both casts?
Jarl is plain aweful now which he wasn’t before the 3.0.5. patch.
The extraturn being a gamble and not a 100% guarantee is all well and good, but i need to be able to make an assessment of how high my chance might be according to how many gems of the troops colour is on the board, and currently that seems to be completely irrelevant when playing Jarl at least.


Heres a pretty good comparison of what I’m seeing in the mobile version versus the current PC/Unity.

While I did streak up nicely on the PC/Unity version, it still feels… different. Hard to explain at this point. The positions of where the gems spawn relative to other gems on the board, mainly, not just how often extra turns are happening, but where and how. Both seem risky, but I just feel extra unsafe spawning gems on the board after I have taken any extra turns on the Unity version, regardless of how many there are and regardless of how many I am spawning. Of course, my personal bias has to be taken into account, given what I’ve seen over the last week, so I’m posting them here for others to see.



I probably won’t have time to post any more videos in the next few days so I hope that others can pitch in and show some examples.


Ya but you have have 10-15+ on the board and miss EVERY SINGLE TIME


I think this is the first team and the first time I may have saw looping done! Wow. Luckily I don’t have Elemaugrim but MY Jarl, and Queen, never connect like that.

That’s not what I’m experiencing. I just played a bunch of PvP with various creator teams, including one with Elemaugrim+Garnok, and another with Queen Aurora. Sure, they miss sometimes, but success rate is high enough for me to consider it viable to use.

Unless you got an update, I am missing on all cylinders with any kinda gem spawning team.


Same it like after that patch any team i try refuses to get extra turns,exploders actually get me more extra turns than loops team now and thats saying something! though ofc the ai seems to have no trouble with its loop teams. :cry:


And the fact that AI can loop forever but you can’t even get a 4 match? Hm

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The same is happening to me.

This feels like one of those issues where players want it to be truly random, in principle, but in practice they would be very upset. I think the “invisible hand” is there so players get less frustrated and it would be worse without it.


Same thing has been happening to me but I thought I was just seeing things.

It should be noted that the spawners you name are all 10+, while 9 gem spawns are atrocious atm, esp because they are clearly designed around the fact that they used to grant extra turns most of the time, manacost wise.
Even in videos presented here where it is claimed that you “still streak up nicely” Jarl misses multiple times and only manages to hit after Aurora prepared the board for him.
Jarl is a freaking legendary that does common troop level damage and now a gem spawn that turns out to give more extraturns and significantly more mana to the opponent than to you for freaking 15 manacost, that is so freaking obviously not how it is intended to be nor is this how it ever used to be before the patch and if you think this is still streaking up nicely you clearly never extensively played Jarl before the patch.
He now plays like 7/8 gem spawners felt before the patch, and it is abysmal.

And yes you guessed right the word freaking is a stand-in for another word starting with f, that is appropriate to this situation.

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I like the state of the game on mobile.
I pretty much stopped playing on PC altogether since the change to Unity.

With the Mana Surge Changes the AI gem spawners/creators fill faster up and loop much more now.