Poll: How many members should HAVE TO fight in Guild Wars?

I personally believe “The best from…” - doesn’t fit them GW theme.
… If anything, I’d suggest a “vacation mode” option for GW - meaning that only 25-28 can participate.

If the guild has a player who is to be carried - it should be in guild’s interest to help him out or train him. Not to carry him into 1st bracket without any notice or change at all. That wouldn’t be fair to other guilds who put a lot of time in their management and recruitment to be ready for 30-member week.

I understand why people want to be carried when RNG spoils their day, so the things we couldn’t control can be overlooked, but every single player experiences the odds of AI from time to time.

The standard is already set with Guild Seals.

27 members can earn 40k chest. :wink:


I voted 27 because even 25 starts to take away the advantage of having a well organized guild.

But 30 is just not reasonable. On top of everything else, it mandates that 30 people MUST play GW on Sundays, no exceptions.

Winning or losing shouldnt come down to 1 or 2 people with plans for a weekend that dont include playing Guild Wars matches.


TL;DR - I’m not a fan of competitive PvP, but if you’re going to have it, keep it where the competition matters from all players in all guilds at the highest level.

The difference at the very top is the performance of the few weakest (for the week) members.

When do the bottom scores get dropped? If it’s at the end of the week, that is going to come with huge call outs of the system cheating. If you’re going to sit a few players at the start of the week, I could deal with that, but then what bonus should occur for the guilds with a full contingent?

Wars don’t allow for time off. If a soldier is injured or needs a break, they get rotated out, and a new recruit rotated in. This option already exists in the game.

If you’re going to allow some time-off from GWs, what about those of us that would love to skip out on Saturdays and Sundays? I’m much rather stay out late catfishing, or get up super early to get the smallmouth bite, on my days off. While right now, I have to schedule those days in. So why not just drop the bottom 30 daily results (25 players) from a guild. So that players can take partial weeks off. This, of course, will really narrow the scores at the top.

People wanted a competitive PvP mode, where each battle mattered. Here it is. Every battle by every member matters all week. As a guild, there is nothing preventing you from letting members take a break, other than you won’t be performing for your optimal score. The cost is you shouldn’t be winning over those working for their best possible performance as a whole guild.




All 4 one and one 4 all.
Lol, all 30members will get my vote every time. Its called guild wars for a reason.


everyone gets the rewards, so everyone should have to participate. If you are going to leave members’ scores out of the total, or if members don’t want to participate, then they shouldn’t get any of the rewards.


Perhaps it would be interesting if there was a limit on the number that counted - say 25 or 27
But also, there was some sort of priority on the Guild Ranks that could participate (thus more organised guilds could promote/demote on a weekly basis)
It would make the guild ranks relevant, and allow a “shallow end of the pool” for new members

So all rank 1-4 count and rank 5’s could participate (or not) to fill in the spare slots, up to a maximum of X (whatever that may be)

But that wouldn’t work if your paragon was on holiday the next week. I don’t agree that say 3 don’t fight then they shouldn’t get the rewards. That’s stupid. You fight 51 weeks of the year, every day, go on holiday for one week and lose out on rewards? Harsh.


exactly why it should be as is then :wink:

I think 25-27 would be a good number. Though I voted for 27 because of the same reason I’ve stated here:

Also agreed with @Saluki that 25 would starts to take away advantage of having a well organized guild.

This week, I took vacation because I celebrated Eid Al-Fitr at my parents place and lots of visiting families and relatives. If this were implemented, I’d be not so worried about not playing GWs matches. Sometime when I travel to a rural area here, I had to find a place where I can get a stable 4G and stop right there so I can play my GW matches.


^ THIS. I have the same issue where I have to spend a whole day of flying across the country and worry about whether I can find a coffee shop to do my GW before the day ends.

It’s kinda ironic that we have patch notes for game updates which speak of “Quality of Life improvements.”

But the fact is that the demands of the game are sufficiently rigourous that sometimes I can’t find time to meet both gameplay requirements, do my work, AND write up Support tickets detailing when something goes massively haywire in the game! How is that QoL? Well… :frowning:


Idk if anyone suggested this. Read replies didnt see anything. Make it so leaders of guild can pick who is in war each week. Or something like that. I have players in my guild some want war some dont. A option to opt out would be great.

its not needed if a few worst results arent counted, the ppl who opt out can just be in those not counted results :wink:
the plus is they can change their mind half week and play, and let someone else opt in the end instead, i think thats much more elastic system

i voted 25 but i wouldnt mind 27
i would prefer 25 as i feel that allows a slight degree of casualty while 27 covers just the necessities.
i hope we will get some solution other then 30 in the end

cheers :slight_smile:

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Here’s my problem:

At the moment I’m usually in the top ranks for the Guild I’m in, either Paragon or Champion, however, even though I’m in a not very competitive Guild, it’s very frustrating to see that maybe as many as a third of our members don’t participate in GW or only fight maybe a battle or two.

It’s also annoying that we’ve missed out on promotion a number of times because, even though we’ve won all of our battles, we haven’t amassed enough points to move up to a new bracket.

As such, I feel obligated to make sure that I don’t fail to do all my battles because I don’t want to be the person who caused us to miss out and that’s changing it from Guild Wars to Guild Chores :frowning:

So what do I do? Not take a break and force myself to play even if I’m knackered and been working all day, because I’m one of the major point-scorers for the Guild? Leave and join another Guild because other members aren’t pulling their weight?

Neither of these are great options, but at least if the lack of some of those non-playing Guild Members wasn’t dragging the rest of us down, it would improve matters for everyone else.


27 still seems to be the perfect number for me.


The whole point of Guild Wars is noted simply in its name … Guild & Wars. It does not say Top Guild Team. Though GoW could develop a secondary Guild event that allows you to design a team from your current guild members and fight. So to adjust the point system based on those who did their Guild Wars vs those who did not, really defeats the purpose of what Guild Wars truly is. IE entire guild fights. And a saying comes to mind here, you are only as strong as your weakest link. I know of some guilds on PS4 that are not high on the World Rank but dominate really well in Guild Wars. Guilds just need to find a way to promote the event within their guild.

IE While on PS4 my guild is #27 their Guild War participation some weeks is really not there. So while adjusting the system to the mentioned suggestions would help even my guild there. I really feel its the principle of design here that should be considered. And that is Guild Wars … a guild has 30 members … so means all 30 must fight and be counted or it has a potential to hurt the guild in its battles.