Poll. Does it seem like Vault key drops are less frequent this weekend than during previous events?

  • Yes
  • No

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It has seemed like a lower drop rate for keys over the last several event weekends. I think the soul gnome takes some of the treasure gnomes appearances, making it less likely to get a vault key chance from a treasure gnome.

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According to the 4.0 Patch notes, the opposite should be true. I have never seen any evidence of this though.

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Vault keys have been rare since the beginning. The only keys more rare are the VIP keys.

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Just wondering if anyone has got a Vault key from a Soul Gnome this weekend, or ever… :thinking:

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I only got one gnome and got a key off of it, not a good sample size beings that the few previous weeks I have never gotten a key

Hey Graeme, yes I did. I also noticed the keys seem very rare even more so in the last 3 events.

Ve’ - Nordic Vikings aka
Shepherd - Troopers

I’ve seen about 6 total with two this weekend and never not gotten souls.

I haven’t gotten more than 1 or 2 the last couple events, even playing like mad. But, I’m sure I’ll be told that “We didn’t change anything” and “It’s just how the RNG system works”.

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The rate drop has seemed ok to me. I was really shocked when I got a pet gnome, got the pet for my guild, and a vault key at the same time. That was exciting.


I have killed 9-10 soul gnomes during this event. No keys from a soul gnome.

Killed plenty gnomes only 1 vault key…mostly 100 soul gnomes or pet gnomes while a pet is active…oh yea I did get 2 minor something useless :joy:

To me, it looks like goblins are way less frequent than before.

I also think there are not so many vault keys this weekend, but I have received at least one from soul and pet gnomes. It happens.

I don’t have an option for it, here’s how I’d vote:

“This is the only poll / thread I see about drops, which implies there are more drops this Gnome Weekend than any other weekend. Usually by now we’ve had at least 5 threads.”

I have collected about 10 vault keys this weekend. My drop rates have been great actually. But all the vault keys are from treasure gnomes and the soul gnomes seem to drop only souls.

The lovely part of RNG has nonetheless been the vault key match drops. I still don’t have a soul gnome troop and I’ve gotten a copy of all the others this weekend. Also some people say that it’s wise to use vault keys only on vault weekend so there is a better change to get vault keys from vaults. I have never seen vault keys from vaults, even from 50 total keys used during vault weekends. So I don’t care when to use my keys. I just wan’t my missing troop good damnit.

While is true this event i spammed pvp instead of explore so it’s ofc slower this event i am sitting on 6 keys while on previous event i had 40 of them.

Gnomes appear a lot tho (there’s pets in danger whole time aswell).

Well, here are my number for vault keys from Treasure Gnomes (in percentage; more than a hundred gnomes in each instance) for every event since April:
7,22; 7,83; 9,94; 9,35; 9,52; 4,85

After I add 2 vault keys from Soul Gnomes, the last number still amounts to 5,38…so, yes, it really does seem that vault keys are rarer this weekend than the ones before. But maybe I’m just getting unlucky.

I think we’ll see more when the next gnome event lands.