Please welcome our new support agents!

Ahoy, adventurers! You read that correctly, we have two :sparkles: shiny :sparkles: new team members for you to meet. They are jumping headfirst into support, and some of you may have already encountered them when they’ve replied to your tickets. We thought it was high time to introduce them as you will start seeing them lurking around our community (especially in bug reports) so keep an eye out!

As a way to get to know them both a little better I asked some questions… First up is @Jeto !

What is your favourite game at the moment?

  • Recently replayed Destroy all Humans! But flipping around modded Minecraft & Hades

What are your hobbies?

  • When COVID permits, playing D&D, streaming with friends, buying indoor plants hahaah :deciduous_tree: :evergreen_tree: :palm_tree:

What’s a weird fact about you?

  • I really enjoy making presentations!

And last but not least, @OminousGMan!

What is your favourite game at the moment?

  • Deadcell.

What are your hobbies?

  • Writing, reading and playing Dungeons and Dragons.

What’s a weird fact about you?

  • I can clap one handed. (Okay I need a video to prove this to me right now…)

Please make them feel welcome as they learn the ropes and help us across support and community. :heart:


We’re missing Jeto’s weird fact. Enquiring minds want to know!


Dear New Mods: a sure way to arrive with a positive splash is if you could kindly finally provide the playerbase with a straight answer about why an effect that cleanses and fully heals a troop is considered a debuff.
:crossed_fingers: :pray: :vulcan_salute:


Hello everyone! Thank you for the intro :eye: :lips: :eye:

Alas, was my weird fact left off by accident or intentional?
Will we ever know?
Is the hype going to outweigh how uninteresting it actually is? yes

Look forward to catching y’all in the future on the community side! And if you ever need assistance on the Support end :woman_mage:t2:


Greetings everyone!!

I’m looking forward to getting to know you all on the community side of Gems!


Updated with the weird fact that belongs to the one and only @Jeto.


Hello, welcome on the boards @Jeto @OminousGMan.

Harden yourselves and prepare for random pieces of crap being thrown at you. Good luck with your job and don’t let random comments hit you in any way.

May the Dark Force be with you!


:man_facepalming: Easier to just copy paste…Welcome from me as well. Do you have Xbox? Do U like to Play? I’ll stop, and just say welcome.

:+1: Purple Mana users are always welcome, I am learning to adjust my focus away from the Blue Mana users.

I had an opportunity to do a proper introduction, and i muffed it. Flubbed, fouled it up.

Moving forward, sharing my life Experience, my happiest day was working for a Lego Store. I worked at several, this one allowed me to build a four foot Lego Pirate to celebrate our 1 year anniversary.

Friday, Saturday, did it continue to Sunday? It wasn’t 8 ft tall like the Master Builders get to build, only 4 ft. But i got to interact with all kinds of builders, sharing their Live, Real World Experience, and I got to feel like a celebrity if only for that weekend.

Most weekends, heavy sigh, deep breath in, relax, exhale. Point is, i was on the clock, and I was paid to play. Not pay 2 win, not free 2 play. I was PAID 2 play.

Would you like to learn more? Click The Arrow...please

It was the please that hit me the hardest. x4, and then the stop, x2. Enough about me.

Corporations often don’t appear to have the best interests of the Consumer at heart. If any of the Dev team wishes to join a Guild, I believe Magnusimus of The Unforgiven, Mr. Ryan of the PC/Mobile Clans, and …too bad with names, but my Gems brother in Real Life was a member of Quimby. They were casual, but enjoyed GW, just like my old guild used to be. There are many Guilds, many guild families. Those are the ones with which I am familiar.

If we as a community can communicate (and I am the WORST offender, believe it. I do, but I’m trying to put in the work. I am not a bot…

If the corporation were to allow a Dev Team Member to lower their shields, weapons, and armor, and be paid to pay, just a few hours a week, maybe even on stream. I’d want to make time to watch that. Promos that only focus on the Pc/mobile crowd, welp, i’m xbox, i’d rather play the game and focus on myself. I am stupid, stubborn and selfish, but i’m not crazy. Allegedly.

The game is the same, regardless of platform. I am not familiar with Switch, I asked my Gems Brother if he had any alts there as well. He told me no, he my brother, I trust him. I trust Salty as well, 100/100 trust factor.

Magnusimus, 100/100 as well. Quimby, my Brother is no longer there, but Quimby was casual, with a GW vibe, and when I accidently, my Trust Level at the moment is 1/100, i need to work on that, it’s a process…

Quimby at least seemed open to the idea of cross-platform play. It’ll take time, it’ll take money…maybe corporate sponsors, i have ideas for that as well, if you’d like to learn more, i need to clean up a whole lot of Salad in my more recent posts. Give me time to do some work.

Mr Ryan leads one of the more successful families of Guilds on PC/Mobile. I’ve butted heads with him on many occasions, but if I ever get a new laptop, I would love to be in his guild. Strong Recommendation.

I wish i had a mic, so you could hear the sincerity in my voice, how long are the streams? Couple hours a week? If i want to watch an endgamer play, there are videos on YouTube. I’d prefer to watch a Dev (not because I’m a sadist, i hate…deep breath in…) I’m trying…it’s a process…Join my Guild, get to know me, or join one of the MANY fine guilds, on Xbox, on PC/Mobile, PS4, i guess it’s 5 now, i don’t know Technology…how could I set up a bot, c’mon, please, gives us a chance to show you the frustrations that are Delves, that are the crazy eddie prices that are insane, the frustration of getting a guild with 6 accounts (only 5 are alts, the other is my Main) to the top GW brackets. Rub elbows, bump fists…Ever want to feel like a celebrity? Well, people love celebrities, some ppl gonna hate on 'em.

That love I felt that weekend, I wish i could experience it again…I’ll be here, Lurking. Not spreading Hate, or trying to win at life. 1/100, at the moment. :+1:

Too long: It’s my nature
Didn’t read? With the proper nurturing environment, which I believe 100/100 we can achieve, I can and will get better. Nature and Nurture, building today for a brighter future

I am a not a bot

I am sorry I blocked you on Xbox @Kafka, I was only trying to prove a point about the 2 way block, and how many good conversations did i miss because of it. I’ve gone thru the 400+ names, I am seeing old friends and making new ones. Not everyone is a fan of the Salad, but neither am I. :+1:

Other money making ideas: I am not a numbers guy, but if the Savage Armors were 10$ each i might but 1, might even buy 6. I will not ever spend 50$ for 1 tho. Not Today

A Puddling Plushie, rip me off there, I’ll get one for me and one for my Nephew who also loves to Play. And if it takes buying one to get my Niece to visit too. Well now we got 3 sales right there. Already available online? Well, i guess i missed that advertisement.

Word Salad Man: “Avoid the Cringy Global, I’m Out” 001/100
Global: “How can we, you’re taking all the Cringy with you” (y’all know that aint true, but I love you anyway) 100/100
Forget the Glass of Water emoji request, it’s not wine, it’s Cranberry Juice. :+1: :grinning:

Welcome @Jeto @OminousGMan !
Please start playing the game to know how it works.


Sorry, I can’t trust @Jeto now. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I am here for the “like” counts on those first two posts by Jeto and OminousGMan—as if that is a proxy for how much the community likes them. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Right now GMan is in the lead 8-7, but will it last?


I had to even it out @Grundulum but doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate GMan!

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We can’t have that. It might make them actually understand what the players want and don’t want.


It’s just quickly twitching your fingers together to your palm right?
Can’t every primate do this?
Not criticizing the weird fact. More so questioning Salty’s desire to see a video of it. Lol

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Is that GMan as in Half-Life G-Man?


That would be pretty ominous, wouldn’t it?

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But where is the video!? Get 'em on stream to demonstrate! :smiley: (post lockdown and all)

Welcome @Jeto and @OminousGMan :hugs: Awesome news, support was in dire need of reinforcements, glad to see it happened.

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Never fear, both of us are players!
I believe only our work accounts are linked to our forum accounts :necktie:


Yes it is :slight_smile:


Hi @Saltypatra is @OminousGMan still working with you?