Please update Treasure Hunt...we have asked for years!

90 gems/hour is nothing if you can’t supplement that supply with other resources. Sure you can hoard a lot of it but your RoI using those gems are going to be really minimal once you include your lost guild resources from not farming enough of guild events and gold to be in a competitive guild.

Just did my personal best with 181 turns in treasure hunt. I was excited to see how many gems. The answer was 0 gems. I ended up with glory keys instead because that’s supposed to be better. The so called gem value screws you bigtime in treasure hunt. I guess vaults are bad because glory is much easier to get in PvP. It feels like being cheated when you get it instead of gems.

As far as offers, not having any extra for arena is a good change. Having treasure hunt and arena share the same pool is also a good solution. So that we can choose how we earn them. Adding to both would suck. I don’t want to feel compelled to spend extra time on low reward game modes

I wish 3 reds turned into 5 gems instead of a vault. Then it would feel less random and you wouldn’t feel cheated after a really good game.

Being able to spend extra treasure maps to get extra turns like how you can use sigils to get a buff is another fun change I’d ask for.


Honestly I would like to see the global chat like on the world map, I would not have to cover part of my screen with lite, or switch back and forth.

They could definitely simplify the rewards structure to help with this as well. My idea for that would be to make the gold, souls, and glory only show up 3 times each in the the rewards tiers rather than 4 each. That would simplify it a bit and make the gems a little more likely to get.


Just replace Vault rewards with token, which would be a currency in TH-exclusive in-game shop.
With goods offered (deeds, forge scrolls, writs, books of deed, etc.) changing every week and limited to X copies each week.

IMO, would be enough for a simple rework…


I suggested this in another thread about improving TH… if matching vaults were possible, and the result were fixed, like say a vault key for a three vault match, and an epic one for a four/five vault match… those potential rewards would definitely incentivize TH, imho.

In terms of TH rewards, in the mini game mode’s current state, if one is somewhat efficient/proficient at creating vaults in TH, one may be surprised at what an acoount built solely on Treasure Hunt could look like. :slightly_smiling_face: :mask:


Be careful what you wish for. Arena just got destroyed recently.


Unlike GW where you can just own stats through paying $$$ over the years to max everything and/or simply copy builds from other people, there is no such shortcut for TH. It actually requires skills - I mean to the level required to match 3 vaults as you suggest. Much more even than Arena, which people already have difficulty with stringing 6 wins together (or 6 out of 7).

Unfortunately for some, including a number of the most prolific forum posters, getting to 3 vaults at all, much less positioning them next to each other to match them, is simply out of reach.

Most players will struggle to get a single vault in a run… Some of them, after few years, still wont get 2 in one game. So yeah. Getting up to 3 vaults i basicaly out of reach for 99,9% of playerbase…

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99.9%, hmmm
For context, Mensa requirements are top 2%, so your 99.9% claim would mean that 19 out of 20 Mensa members playing GoW cannot make 3 vaults. I highly doubt that! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Disclaimer: I assume the distribution of the GoW player base is roughly equivalent to the general populace.

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So you claim that Mensa members are playing GoW? I highly doubt that! :stuck_out_tongue:

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And like EVERY other time…the devs are absolutely silent here…Screw the players mentality.

I am a former Mensa member (meaning I’m not current with dues) who plays this game. So yes I assume there are plenty of Mensa members here.

I was a software engineer at multiple Fortune 500 companies. I don’t just play the game, but included a couple hidden references to the game in my novel, The Internet President: None of the Above.

I’m going to try to work in “mana surge” for my next book.

Even for me, three vaults is very rare though. That’s a lot of moves.

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Just this will give a much needed boost to TH interest !

Currently rewards are uninteresting & once passed the 60 moves cap for Guilds’ seals there is not reason to go on.
Make Vaults rewards unique in kind !

it wasnt like that before 4.7

4.7 got a very strong reaction from some players (and even personal threat to devs) that resulted the current behavior.

devs are still reading what we typed and listen to us, but they might not really respond in the same way as pre 4.7

Very sad !

What happened in 4.7?

I just looked - 4.7 was the Epic Task update, which pushed Legendary tasks behind a wall for most Guilds.

I know a lot of people were upset with that but I don’t agree with their assessment. I’m more interested to see the end result of changes from 5.1 (deed books and kingdom expansion) but doesn’t look like it will be in next patch. And 5.1 got a much more visceral reaction because people didn’t see it for the scaffolding it was.

As a side note, who ever is in charge of the forums really screwed the pooch. It is now incredibly difficult to get from post 200 in a thread to the first post. Inquiring minds want to know why the post selector was removed from the bottom of the page…

i still have it (i’m on android system)