Please update trait descriptions—Kruarg (and other Impervious troops) no longer “immune to all status effects,” for example


Nobody reads your word avalanche. Make your point succinctly or not at all.


I read his posts—I don’t always agree with them, but l do appreciate the thoughtful thoroughness.

I wouldn’t come to the forums at all if I wasn’t after in-depth discussions.


Impervious - “Immune to Devour, Mana Burn and all Status Effects except Cursed”.


Dude that shit’s uncalled for. You can hate on people who spend more than ten seconds on a post, but personal attacks aren’t an argument.


I fixed that for you. :wink:


Not quite correct on a technical level, since Cursed is a Status Effect you won’t ever satisfy the “if Cursed” part. It’s really the other way around, Impervious doesn’t block the Cursed Status Effect, and the effect of Cursed is to negate all immunities. :stuck_out_tongue:


Right, though (even if cursed itself is a status effect) you have to be cursed for any other status being able to affect you.

Cursed doesn’t do anything when applied to an impervious troop other than making them, well not impervious anymore.
The only effect on cursed - when applied on regular troops, is to reset and prolong the duration of an effect already applied or applied thereafter.
Either way, impervious or not, you have to have two troops to apply cursed and a status effect regardless. (as with the troops we have right now)

But I agree on the general consent of this thread.