Please swap Warbands!

Warcoins were nothing but a quick cash grab that are now just another currency/resource that is obsolete and has been pushed to the side and forgotten about by the devs.


All currencies get left behind in this game soon as they aren’t getting any real cash flow from the player base.


I’m ok with not introducing any new Warbands (aka “leaving the currency behind”). I just ask that over the course of an entire year the existing ones be rotated thru.

Sorry if this is considered “spamming” it being my 3rd comment (including OP) in the last >month. Seems to be a simple win for y’all with the community to get some semblance of a swap schedule.

That’s my haypenny. Back to gemming. :heart: :gem:


Thank you for following up on the warband rotation. Having access to more banners and an extra team slot is really helpful and I always encourage my guildmates to buy them.


no new one is fine but I still need some old ones :frowning:


@Bramble has the team an answer for us?

Is there any way to get more team slots besides Warbands and spending a ton of money for the VIP. I mean I not have enough team slots to store my PvP teams and copy them over from docs does not work all the time

I think you also get some for reaching specific levels on your hero. Not sure about the details, I think the last team slot to unlock might possibly have been at level 1000.

That’s an interesting discussion about Warbands (that keeps this top of mind :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) - is there a way to do a poll on here?

Which reason(s) do you most want Warbands regularly swapped?

  1. Troops in Warband
  2. Team slot
  3. Banner
  4. Completionist

Hello :slight_smile:

Repeated bumping of the exact same text gets flagged as spam!

And, I’ll make sure to raise changing warbands again to the development team.

I do agree that it would be good to do so :slight_smile:

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We see you seeing us and appreciate it. Much merriment will be had when the rotation occurs. Thanks for all you do!

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