Please sort banners into 3 obvious groupings

i like this a lot but id like to see the a “normal” list of banenrs instead of map,
the one that Mithran offered,

something like:


hopefully more then 4 would fit but you get the idea


That would be a fine hybrid of the two ideas! The map might be a little to “finicky” and inconsistent from the way the rest of the UI is presented anyways

I do like to see more like a wheel so when we click on the left or right 3 differently banners comes up, simple yet easier to find the banner that we are needing/looking for! :wink: :wink: :wink: At the moment only one banner is showing per wheel click.

for me the map would be just too smal, cant see a thing looking at the screen shot via pc, not to mention how much would i see at mobile and what would happen when you try to actually tap-hit one of these small kingdom pinpoints

That alone would fix what bugs me the most - overshooting your banner then having to backtrack because you can’t see what’s coming.

If I had to shoot for the moon though I’d prefer a hybrid of my mock-up mixed with everybody else’s cool ideas.


yeah exactly,
id like all of it:

  • color filter
  • banner shape filter (amount of colors, it probably wont be needed if everything else is implemented)
  • multiple banners visible in a scrollable list (like units collection)
  • put in a compact form (like @KrudlerTheHorse 's idea)
  • organised by colors (like arcane traitstones)

Personally I don’t see the point of any of those. If all the banners were in one simple one-click place none of the filters, sorting, etc would even be necessary. The whole problem with the existing UI is that it is cumbersome, mystery-meat (what’s coming next?!?!), convoluted and overwrought, requires dozens of clicks/touches to do what should be accomplished in one. I want simplicity.

I’m not saying the “map” part of my mockup is even the best solution, but it IMO sure beats clicking multiple times across multiple screens, etc to do what should be simplified down to picking something from a ‘grid’.

If I were to compare the current Banner selection UI to a restaurant menu, it would be like having a menu with 26 pages and one dish per page. Insanity, when the entire thing could be condensed down into a one-pager or a double-sided single sheet where you can compare all your available options at one glance.

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no matter how you implement it, considering mobile screens, they wont fit all in one screen if you want to include the color bonuses description (which should be there)

if you skip bonuses then you will be replacing one confusing way into another, now you remmember all the baners but imagine a new player having to click every single banner looking for the one they need as they dont remmember the bonuses