Plague's Aspect of Plague not working properly

@Alpheon, @Nimhain

Plague’s “Aspect of Plague” not working properly :

You will notice the trait not working correctly 3 times in this clip. The first time when the 4 skulls are matched (the enemy troop takes 19 damage, but not the additional 2 from life (you’ll notice the life heart “flicker” but not deduct any hit points)), the second from the spell cast of the Goblin Shaman (again, you’ll see the heart “flicker” but not deduct anything), and the third at the end of the clip from a 4 red gem match (ditto with the heart).

I’ve noticed that this trait sometimes works, but often does not. In my experience, the error has ALWAYS been with the “lead” troop on the enemy team (no matter which position they are in). It only happens with the life effect, the other ones (magic, attack, armor) all work fine.

I’ve also noticed that the same error happens when Plague’s “Outbreak” spell is used, but I don’t have a video of that here.

Is there a fix coming for this? I really hope there is! : )


Just a quick update : I actually was able to use the Outbreak spell to kill a troop for the first time today, so maybe Outbreak is now fixed. However, “Aspect of Plague” is still broken.

I’ll continue to use Plague and try to record a video of Outbreak not working if I get an occurrence of it.


@Alpheon @Nimhain

And I spoke too soon…

The video shows Outbreak still not working correctly.

Hopefully both the spell and trait will be fixed soon!

@Alpheon @Nimhain @Sirrian

Any ideas on if/when this will be fixed?

Any information would be greatly appreciated! :smile:

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Hey @Demonitus, thanks for letting us know about this. I’ve double checked the behavior on this as well as the design intention. It appears that what’s happening to that the skill that is actually being adjusted is Armour, as Armour and Health are two separate skills. This is currently functioning as intended, however it is very unclear as to what’s happening. We are going to try to address this in a future update, though we haven’t decided on how we will yet, as there’s a few options available that may or may not effect game balance.

We will add this to the known issues post though.

Hi Alpheon!

Ok, thanks for getting back to me on this! I hope you’re all able to figure this one out soon. :smiley:

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