Petition/Vote to permanently change the gnome rate to the prior vault event rate

Yeah at 1 gnome per 10 battles, I would be happy with that. Beats the hell out of 1 every 40 battles

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I’m doing level 5 explore, are u lower than that?

Same. Difficulty level shouldn’t affect spawn rate. RNG can be streaky though.

Ok, yeah it shouldn’t matter what level. I’m using phoenicia, so my battles are super quick too. That and I’ve tried every kingdom multiple times. There are times is seems some kingdoms drop gnomes more than others, but this time they’re all bad for me. Does your rewards seem to be mostly trash?

Majority of rewards have been useless to me as an end game player but probably got 100 gems/numerous gem and event keys so far :slight_smile:

I’ve gotten 5 gems a few times and a couple other decent prizes. Mostly though it’s been the minor traitstones and ultra rare ingots. You on ps4? I think I’ve seen your name around somewhere on there.

Yep. PS4 player also.

I see a tremendous amount of questions following this statement that would imply that you were lying.

But perhaps one perspective shouldn’t be an indication of what’s intended or not intended.

Such as getting a gnome within 10 battles or 50.

Considering the normal drop rate is 1:30.
So a normal vault weekend is 1:15.
And the special vault weekend it was 1:7.5 so at least 4 times the normal drop rate.

But since you don’t care. I posted for those who actually do care. :grinning:

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Btw… the rewards are exactly the same this weekend as they were during the special vault weekend.

Dude, who are you to tell me that I’m lying!? However thanks for posting the gnome drop rates, I wasn’t sure what they were. I wouldn’t of wasted my time or anyone else’s on here if I didn’t think something was up. As for the commenters above, it seems as though they’re having normal luck getting the gnomes. I am not. Don’t know why or how, but it is what it is. Good for you if your not experiencing a difference either, but don’t call me a liar. 1 per 15 battles is not my experience this time, not even close, but hey. Win some lose some I guess.

…as quoted before.

When it appears that you actually do care what others say.

But essentially my point was/is…one personal perspective is not always a great indication of what the intended behavior is or isn’t.

Thank you for that enlightening paragraph. I am in your debt. Just to be clear, you aren’t experiencing a change in drop rates or rewards?

The rewards were never altered between this event and the last event. That’s for sure.
If you got more vault keys it’s due to the higher frequency of gnomes. Not actually any changes to their individual drop rate.

A few years ago I kept track of Battle Crashers and gnomes over a much larger sample size than 36 hours. And found that everything was working as intended.

I must just be clearing out the trash for everyone else the past 2 days. Or hell, Maybe I’m just lying. Done with this thread though. Continue attempting to prove that I’m falsifying things on my game. I just know for me and apparently only me, I’ve had much poorer results on this event. That is all. Have a good night/day.

It isn’t just a ‘seems so’ thing. I have kept stats for the this and 2 previous events. They are dropping about 3 times less often this time than the previous 5.0 event, and much less that the event before that.

The last vault weekend was a special double drop event. If you’re including that n your calculations, no wonder you think things are screwed up. Unfortunately, it might just be you.


I think this is safe to say SoA is the biggest trophy farming guild, especially during these week end. And while the previous upgraded vault week-end was clearly an upgraded week-end, this one is CLEARLY a downgraded week-end compared to the regular one (not even comparing to the previous one). We have pretty solid stats over players than can usually farm up to 100 keys in a 3 days time. They get FAR fewer keys this time. I don’t know if they tweaked the rewards drop rate or the gnome spawn rate this week-end, but they definitely did something, even if this is not an official stance (maybee this is a mistake when they reversed from the upgraded week-end, i don’t know if this is done on purpose or not).