Pet Gnome Rebalance

Something has seemed “off” to me about Pet Gnome appearance rate for quite a while now.
A few months ago I could easily find them and trigger 10 pet rescues a day given enough grindage.
Recently they “seem” much rarer, could be just unlucky RNG though.
I am in the top 10 of PvP players on PS4 every week, so activity level is fairly constant.

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One of the more recent streams, Salty did say that the devs are aware of the issue and are considering ways to address the problem. If I remember right, a potential solution was to allow the player to choose from a pool of possible rescues when one spawns was being considered (absolutely nothing concrete yet, though).

If there isn’t a QoL light update for the holidays, the next update after 4.6 should finally be the big PvP update as there are no more legacy systems that are left to convert after 4.6 launches. If the standard PvP gameflow is altered then, I expect the pet rescue solution (whatever it may be) to be implemented with that update.


Cool. But these give vault keys as well.
And their order is based on when they released.

Well that sells it for me. My apology folks. My taking the drop rate and multiplying it by 6 is clearly wrong because Fleg doesn’t feel like he’s seeing 2/3 less pet gnomes since they were released.
Hopefully he isn’t just basing it off the amount of pet rescues his guild gets each day. Because there’s no way to track how many pet gnomes each member is actually seeing.

Yeah, the wording in the game guide is misleading I think.
We have no real idea of how the weighting of each Gnome appearance is.
I see useless Soul and Jewel Gnomes just as often as the others :frowning:

You really are a prickly person aren’t you? Heaven forbid anyone express a different opinion than yours. I said I wasn’t sure no need to get all uppity.

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You expressed it. Then you argued it some more. To say someone is wrong without any proof what so ever just seems unnecessary.
Like you could just support a change in pet gnomes. But instead you’d rather question the chances of getting gnomes.
And just like any argument on the internet. The second I contest your claim and make it a joke. You take it personal and start throwing out disperaging remarks. Why stick to the topic at hand when you can attack the individual with the opinion instead?
Or am I to blame for seeing your comment as disrespect?
People shouldn’t be so thinned skin right?
People should be allowed to say whatever they want with little to no consequences. And if the person takes offense over it… Well… That’s their own problem.

Why go off on you? Because I thought (had hopes anyway.) That I made the most bilateral idea ever. I thought it would generate nothing but good will and :+1: up support.

And within 5 hours of my post… someone (you) just had to contest a part of it. What a glorious 5 hours that was though. My issue isn’t with you Fleg. It’s the fact that as we advance in technology. We go backwards in terms of public civility. But it has absolutely nothing to do with pets. A large part of our population treat pets better than humans. (Back on track…ish. :grinning:)

Thank you for bringing up this pet issue. I really hope improvement is made in this game subsystem.

Pets and deeds are ideas I really like on the surface and really hate on the current implementation. PVPing a bunch might make an extra couple pets spawn in a day but the chance of being one I want just gets worse and worse as time goes on. Other games have pet lures or choice systems or you can go somewhere in the game to find what you are specifically looking for. Gems you just play and hope for random luck. (Don’t want to tangent into how annoyingly bad the current deed system is but in my mind it is a similar problem. Something that makes your character/account better but you have basically no control over the system because it is just random number generator controlled. Did I get a pet or deed I wanted this week? Nope. Will I next week? Probably not.)

Here is a solution if your guild triggers a pet mail a token to guild members we can use said token to trigger a pet of our choice.

This right here.

I will play devil’s advocate briefly and point out that a “sufficiently” active guild will have so many continuous pet gnomes that having less of them is more advantageous due to the increased amount of non-pet resources compared to extra white pet food.

Counterpoint: however active that hypothetical guild needs to be, most are not that active.


I knew I had seen it somewhere.

One can only assume this applies to other new gnomes also.


Do you truly believe this to be true? I don’t. They should release or explain their formulation then.

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As much as i recall they did at some point. Originally, the chance for treasure gnomes to appear was 6:6 (or 100%). When the pet gnome was introduced, it received 1:6 of the treasure gnome chance, making treasure gnomes only show up 5:6. Any additional gnome added also got a 1:6 chance, reducing the treasure gnome chance by a further 1:6. With the last gnome added all of them will have a 1:6 chance to show up.

Number might be off slightly, it should explain the core mechanism behind it though. The only gnome that keeps showing up less is the treasure gnome.


Or since it wasn’t mentioned with Jewel or Glory Gnomes. It’s just as easy at it is to assume the opposite. I’m curious did you bother to look for the info with the other gnomes? But didn’t see a supporting quote for your argument so you kept looking?

Well I’ll save everyone the trouble. Jewel gnome does not state any mention of pet gnome chances. And Glory gnomes aren’t mentioned at all in terms of the patch notes.

The devs truly are situational when it comes to drop rates. I understand some stuff they can’t tell us because of legal reasons. Or they are worried about “too many tickets”.
But forever they didn’t release the drop rates for chests because they could change them whenever they wanted to. (And they still do.)
How do we know that’s not the same with pet gnomes? It’s a fact that they can change the drop rate of any gnome at any time without anything more than an asset download.
Assumptions are a dangerous game. It’s best not to partake in them. Instead I’d advise you not to contest a “feature” request. Unless you feel the request would diminish your enjoyment of the game. The basis of the request shouldn’t be argued against based on assumptions. I can just as easily find a quote from a dev saying the drop rate for all gnomes is 1:30. But spending time to research a stranger on the internet “to be wrong” is a waste of your time. I should know…I myself just wasted about 20 minutes to check on the jewel and glory drop rate.


I ask that we all take a moment of silence for all the pets that 4.6 killled after a little less than a week.

Very few are doing PvP or arena now. So very few pets are getting rescued. And you can’t rescue someone or something who’s life isn’t in peril.


Always look on the bright side of life :grin:
They gonna get buffed after they figured it out lol

And be able to identify satire when you see it. :grinning:

There’s no escape

Esp with 4.6

It’s super weird for me as I played a lot in the super early days and just recently came back. Now I’m over level 1000 and i often do not have so many things I can’t acquire (weapons, pets, newer currencies that I was not collecting for 600+ levels)

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