PC GW Opponents MUCH Harder than Mobile GW Opponents?

@Saltypatra The photos I posted in the original bug report are for Guild Wars only.

They show that when I play Guild Wars on PC, my Opponents are much stronger than Mobile. IE, I am at a major disadvantage whenever I play GW on PC!


That’s a great thought @Ozball . I still have a few GW battles left today. I will grab PC vs. Mobile shots of both Orcs and non-Orcs and post here later tonight.

Unless someone else beats me to it… :smiley:


It’s tied to more than just event bonuses. I took screenshots a few days ago of an non-event troop of one of my GW opponents.

PC version:

Mobile version:

PC Sentinel version:

Mobile Sentinel version:


Although there is a small difference between Sentinel bonuses it certainly doesn’t answer the question as to why the same troop, same opponent has a difference of 16 armor,12 health, 7 attack and 5 spell damage between the two platforms.


I was in the middle of doing just that when you made your post.

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Fair enough, which means it’s tied to event troops outside of GW and there might be another issue affecting GW compounding the difference (hence why @DEMONorANGEL observed a smaller difference outside of GW than in). Maybe something tied to sentinel scaling?

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Fantastic!!! Thank you @Macawi ! :trophy: :trophy: :trophy:


That could be the issue, but I really can’t say for sure.

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What GW rank are you? I just ranked up my sentinels to level 5 to test (or at least Attack and Magic) and I still have the +5 for both…

(this is on PC)



I’m Vanguard rank in my Guild this week. We are in Bracket 1 for Guild Wars.

I leveled all my Sentinels to +5, yet I see different numbers for PC vs. Mobile. I’m not sure why?

I think to @Macawi 's point, the bigger issue is how MUCH greater the PC Opponent’s Attack, Magic, Health, and Armor stats are on PC vs. Mobile in Guild Wars. A few sentinel bonuses for the Player do not compensate at all.

PC Sentinels:

Mobile Sentinels:


While it might not be just the sentinels, the fact that they also have discrepancies could be part of the issue. eg a multiplicative error that only makes a small difference to sentinels, but a much larger one to troop stats.

I’m only a Solider in my guild, so I’m wondering if higher ranks are getting a bug where their sentinels are higher or something? Would like @Macawi’s rank as well to cross check (and anyone else who can chip in)

Ozball - Solider - GW Bracket 3 - Attack 5/Magic 5 on both
NowayJoe2Go - Vanguard - GW Bracket 1 - Attack6/Magic7 PC - Attack5/Magic5 Mobile
Macawi - TBA - TBA - Attack6/Magic7 PC - Attack5/Magic5 Mobile


Ill check again after reset, but i know my sentinels are different also. Magic is 7 on PC, 5 on Mobile. Not sure others, just know they dont match

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I’m a Soldier this week @Ozball and my Sentinels are like yours, the same for both pc and mobile.


Let’s stay focused on the fact that PC GW Players are at a significant disadvantage compared to Mobile and both are on the same Platform. If this issue were Xbox or PS4, the impact would be near zero

@ozball @macawi @saltypatra

So, my Guild Wars Sentinel bonuses do not match again this week! My GW Rank this week is Herald (1 higher than last week, if that matters). Again, the issue is: Guild Wars Opponents are much tougher on PC than Mobile in comparison to the Player

PC Sentinels are higher again, but GW Opponents will be boosted MUCH, MUCH STRONGER, again?

Mobile shows lower Sentinel bonuses, but GW Opponents are MUCH, MUCH WEAKER again?


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I see another Server patch last night? Is this to fix this issue?


OK, so PC Guild Wars is still much harder!

My first GW Opponent’s Famine has +2 Attack, +7 health, +3 armor, +2 magic higher Stats on PC vs Mobile.

PC GW Opponent 1 Famine:

Mobile GW Opponent 1 Famine:

@Sirrian @nimhain @Ozzie40361 @Saltypatra

This is a serious bug since PC and Mobile are on the Same Guild Wars. Any updates on this issue?



Not sure if you were meaning to tag me in that or someone else. I haven’t heard anything, but then again I’m not a dev either, so any official remarks will be coming from sources other than me.



First is mobile second is PC. What is going on? This is rediculious!

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Yup @daveis23 Unfortunately, the magnitude of the discrepancy appears as bad as this time last week!

HUGE disadvantage for PC GW Players vs. Mobile GW Players.


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