One star reviews

Dear Community,

I’m giving the game a one star review on the app store, and giving my reasons too. If the Devs care to respond to the bug reports in ANY WAY just so we know that something is happening, I may change this.

Please consider doing the same, as we may get noticed this way.

Being ignored like this is just ignorant and arrogant, and I can’t stand bad manners. Especially when I’ve put thousands of dollars into this game over the years.


There are tons of games in the app stores that have bunches of reviews, high stars and low stars and everywhere in between. And when the developers deign to respond to them, you often get a cookie-cutter response that has little to do with the review.

You can say “this game is great” and explain why and some developer-bot will say “Thank you for playing, we’ll consider your feedback!” You can say “this game sucks” and explain why and some developer-bot will say “Thank you for playing, we’ll consider your feedback!”

You can even say “I like cheese” and nothing more and some developer-bot will say “Thank you for playing, we’ll consider your feedback!”

By all means, leave your one star and a semi-verbose review explaining why on the store so that potential new players picking up this title might have another thing to consider. But I wouldn’t expect it to generate any more response than all the complaints on this forum or the e-mails sent to the developers or any other avenue of feedback. And if one of the effects of leaving that poor review is cathartic, even better.

But I also think it’s an attempt to drain the ocean one thimble-full at a time.


Hey Winzor,

We check the Bug Report section of the forum, our social media replies and our support tickets every day, it may take some time for us to respond but I’ve checked the bug report section of the forum just now and it looks like most of the threads which weren’t posted less than 24 hours ago all have a response, either in the thread title or in a comment in the thread.

I suspect you’re talking about the missing campaign stars or guild wars scoring issue threads?
If so I’ve just posted an update to the Campaign star issue and as stated previously we will be posting about the Guild Wars scoring issue before next week.

If it’s a different bug report you’re referring to, please link me to the thread and I’ll ensure one of the team look at it tomorrow (assuming it was an old report we missed), the newer reports will be responded to according to our normal schedule.


are you serious or is it a joke ?
Our messages stay without answers, problems stay unresolved, this game is a ghost ship, drifting on the oceans. You (devs) don’t care anymore of your clients.
This is a fact !

I don’t know where the money goes but not in bug’s solving neither in communication, you deserve one-star reviews. You’re losing clients. I’m one click away of uninstalling and keeping my money for another game.



You can’t be blind to the HUGE AMOUNTS of bugs that happens EVERY WEEK. And you aren’t exactly fast in fixing anything that isn’t related to something you can make money from.

50 gems compensation or 10 gems compensation like we got today with the 3 missing stars is a joke. It doesn’t help or fix anything.

And many bugs aren’t even being commented on - like your scoring for Dragon’s Defense. Just silence.

And these are facts!


Was already done. Sadly it was needed due to the state this game is in

can you please stop lying?

  • still no respond on natura’s star in soulforge (as you don’t play your own game, let me explain: it is an epic weapon from nexus which should have been in soulforge already regarding to your own rules, but i know that means nothing to you)
  • still no respond when the 100 gems spend on kingdom pass will be active again
  • i’m too tired to list more (can you see? i’m honest here to give you an example of a respond)

Don’t forget the ‘Born of’ traits from the Nexus troops locking up the game for a lot of people.

Initially promised that they would have the traits swapped out until fixed but never happened - then the known issues article silently changed to ‘fixed in 6.1’

Devs were even warned of this happening because of Wyrmrun was so recent.


This one seems to have been missed for several months now:

The last response from August was:



figured I’d lend a hand and give you a list of bug reports from the past 30 days still waiting for a response or needing to be marked ‘closed’.


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Awesome post.

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Usually I don’t approve of spam. But this is the best spam I’ve read in a while. It seems like they just work on the easy ones just to make it look like they are doing something.

Missing rewards have the highest priority? Bull shit. On week 3 of our missing mythic LT. I think they are just waiting to see how many in my guild quit the game so they are off the hook for mailing them the troop. Since they clearly favor their shit Mythics over paying players at this point.