Official Breakdown of VIP Points per Level

I am looking to find out how many VIP points it takes per level?

I thought I saw this somewhere but am having difficulty locating it in the forums. If you know where it is, please link below.

I want to confirm that I am getting the correct amount for my purchases. I was at VIP 1 with 24/49 to achieve level 2.

Just bought the Deathknight Armor, 250 VIP points, and now I am showing VIP 3 with 125/200 to level 4.

Thanks for the help! :wink:

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Additionally, @Sirrian @Nimhain You might want to consider allowing players to see the amounts on the VIP screen. When you click on the arrows to see the rewards per level, have the bar at the top change as well. This will clear up ALOT of confusion regarding VIP for players. If they have already achieved that level, then just show the bar green with 49/49 for VIP 1, etc. This confirms that all points were acquired to achieve level 2.

Just another idea, but different from my OP so, I thought I would put it here.


This has a full breakdown. I believe it’s up to date:

Also, shameless plug, this spreadsheet also has it :wink:

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THANKS! @Ozball :wink:

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What does “OP” stand for in this context I’m only familiar with it standing for either “Over Powered” or occasionally “Original Poster” thanks for your help with this

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Thanks, I had a hunch but wasn’t sure

@Machiknight Beat me to the punch!

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