[NOT FIXED IN 6.0] (sometimes) No extra turn when special gems are matched in 5 match

these examples are great. In the first few where it didn’t proc as an extra turn, there were extra adjacent skulls the same as my example. But in some of your later ones, there are no other skulls nearby, so that’s clearly not the (only) cause of this bug.

I’ve encountered this bug twice today in explore

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yep, had the same today in explore

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If I remember well, this bug was fixed a long time ago. However, from my experience, this bug was brought back to the game with the update around July 25. It just happened randomly everywhere (not only doomskull matches, but could be gems, skulls, etc). I have encountered this in Arena and explore (not yet in GW, fortunately :upside_down_face:) many times since then.

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Finally! I started to think I am nuts and hallucinating.

Other strange bug I observed lately, sometimes it looks like the dmg is somehow absorbed, other times skull dmg does more than it should. I suspect these are related somehow.


I thought this was a big call for Salty/the dev team to make, at the time! I wanted to ask for details, but knew that seemed unlikely :stuck_out_tongue:.

I remember this particular bug being fixed a while ago, as well. I haven’t been playing heaps, so it’s perhaps not too surprising that I haven’t particularly noticed it, but I definitely did feel like what Tibo described happened to me, about damage potentially being absorbed, or potentially multiple matches only counting as fewer or one match/instance of damage :thinking:

@OminousGMan or @Jeto just wanted to make sure this didn’t fall off the radar; saw a number of weekend bug reports get touched, but this was left behind… this is a serious game-breaking bug that would be really nice to have addressed before guildwars?


Hey everyone!

Thanks for bring this to our attention, I’ve tested this on our end and have reproduced this bug. This has been reported to the Dev Team :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective:


Do we have an update on this?

This kind of bug could really screw up Guild Wars.

Would also like to note that in PvP the same four match of skulls didn’t trigger cleanse when using classes that have the purification talent.

I encountered this bug often (Ranked PvP).
No one in my team is frozen and after a 4 or 5 gems match i lost my turn.
Happen with normal colors and also with skulls

Please fix this . Is the CORE business (mechanics) of the game dang…


Is there any update on this issue? We have guild wars next week. If the bug isn’t fixed, it will be awful.

I’m reasonably sure i just saw this bug with an L 5-match with green gems and a potion. Might not be limited to skulls and doomskulls. I was on mobile so no recording.

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Yes, this happened to me too.


It’s a client side issue, so maybe with the next update around December?

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@Kafka any update on this prior to Guild Wars?

Reminder to everyone that if this bug occurs during ToD, or any other event that requires sigils purchased with gems, that you should submit a support ticket if you lose due to the bug. Sigils are gems, and gems are money. You should not be paying for their bugs. Likewise if the bug occurs during guildwars, it will lower your score, possibly affecting your whole guild’s placement in the standings. Again, I would suggest opening a support ticket in that case to be compensated for their screw-up.


2 Guildmates got the bug this morning during GW.
I can’t say we are happy about it since we are in B1….
They lost a troop, could have been worse, but it’s only day one…

Come on guys, is it this hard to have a nice and clean GW?


My guildmates have also encountered this bug during their GW battles.

The key mechanics is broken during the most important event. Does anyone care?


Hey support, thinking to do my wars later. So your team still have time to fix this. @Kafka @Jeto @OminousGMan :wink: