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[Not a bug] True damage dealt to a troop with reflect status effect reflected back as normal damage, should be true damage

Platform, device version and operating system:
All platforms

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
If a troop has reflect and receives true damage as a result of an spell from the opponent, the 50% of that amount should be reflected back as true damage. It’s not. It’s reflected back as normal damage.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Always. Anytime true damage is inflicted to a troop with reflect.

Steps to make it happen again
Cast any true damage spell to a troop with reflect.

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Is this specifically with Gloom Leaf, or any troop with the Reflect status?

Why would you expect it to be reflected as true damage? Nothing says reflect does true damage.


Yes I was referring to the status of Reflect

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I understand that it should as per its explanation. To me the “any” damage from the below quote suggests that the type of damage is taken into consideration, be it normal dmg or true dmg, hence why I understand it is not consistent with the way it should work

“Causes 50% of any damage taken by the affected Troop to be reflected back to the enemy who caused the damage”.

It does not suggest that… but would not be a bad idea if it did. But keeping track of damage type might not be simple.


Perhaps not to you, but if I shine a red light at a mirror, I expect red light to be reflected back. It’s natural to expect that. If I deal true damage and I it gets reflected back, I expect true damage in return when the description does not make it clear what to expect.

This is really a can of worms best avoided. Reflecting true damage as true damage is just the tip of the iceberg. What about reflected life steal, shouldn’t it also heal the reflecting troop? What about reflected skull damage, shouldn’t skull damage reduction of the troop receiving the reflected hit apply? What about burn damage, should it even apply reflect damage if the troop receiving the reflected hit is immune to burning?

There’s so many corner cases, there’s really only one way to handle this without drowning in bug reports. Reflect returns 50% of damage received as special damage, no matter the source.


Just having a documented rule would suit me. Then I know what to expect :slight_smile:

Reflect causes 50% of any damage taken by the affected Troop to be reflected back to the enemy who caused the damage. …

That’s taken from the GoW Status Effects page.

If that stated “… reflected back as regular damage to the enemy who caused the damage.” then we’d all know where we stand.


Maybe they’ll improve that page one day. This is taken from the patch notes:


1)no, because reflect only goes one way. In your example, the troop receiving the true damage hit would reflect back half of it, regardless of it being stolen or not. So, the troop doing the damage would steal the 100% of its spell value, and then get hit by 50% as a result of the Reflect status effect.

2)no, as commented above by other forum member, reflected damage is special damage and not eligible for any kind of mitigation.

  1. Burn, poison, bleed and such do not trigger reflect, you can Burn the full AI team with four reflects active with an extra turn with Infernus and nothing will happen. They will Burn and keep the status effect of Reflect

Its not really all that complicated after all.

It actually is, because reflected damage is special damage. Note that this is a primitive damage type like true damage, there isn’t any true special damage. Your proposal boils down to making reflect damage something other than special damage, which introduces a lot of questionable corner cases.

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