[Not a bug] Incorrect threshold for Tower of Doom stage 8

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I was expecting stage 8 to require 100 dooms instead of 150 dooms.

There is a huge jump in requirements from stage 7 (60 dooms) to stage 8 (150 dooms), then stage 9 requires the same amount (150 dooms). Stage 8 likely got pasted in incorrectly, with the intended number being 100 dooms.


I checked with the team and this is intended.


Previous reward 12 clear requirement: 700 dooms. 23.3 per player in a 30 person guild. Avg floor clear required: floor ~17 with optimal scouting with most members + 1 more boss for a third of the members (unless the luck scroll is on floor 17, in which case floor 17 for everyone). (3 guaranteed luck scrolls by floor 16 + 17 bosses = 23 dooms, so at most a third of the members need to clear 18).

Reward 12 clear requirement now: 1320 dooms. 44 each in a 30 person guild. Luck scrolls score does not get doubled by using the event weapon. Avg floor clear required: 18 or 19 while using the event weapon the entire time. After floor 17, you’ll have at most 42 dooms (17 * 2 from bosses, 3 guaranteed luck scrolls and 1 possible luck scroll for + 8 = 42) , and that is if you hit the edge case where your luck scroll is on floor 17. Floor 18 is required for the entire guild even with above average luck scroll placement (a luck scroll on floor 18 still requires the floor 18 boss, by everyone, on average). A floor 19 partial clear is required if the luck scroll is on floor 19, and floor 19 boss is required as the average if the luck scroll for this block is on floor 20 (below avg luck).

Functionally, the overall average requirements (for reward stage 12) is about 10% higher.

I know many of the hardcore here are going to clear 25 floors regardless, but considering how much more difficult (and time consuming) the event is now, is the amount of battles needed to clear a previously existing reward tier being increased really intended?


With all respect … wrong answer. I know the programming team necessarily has a narrow definition of “bug”, and design questions are a separate matter from problems in the code, but to start some basic analysis, here’s how the reward ladders map out:


If this really was intentional then … fine, I guess, but can you at least inquire about the following?

  • Why is there such a huge jump from tier 6 to 7 to 8?
  • Why do tiers 8 and 9 have the same quota as each other?
  • Why do the quotas fall back down to 150 after hitting a peak of 350?

THIS is what doesn’t make sense to the end user. It breaks nearly EVERY other historical precedent about how reward ladders are structured, where each new tier is consistently a moderate bump up from the tier before it. (Faction Assault, Bounty Weekends, etc.)

(Also, can somebody dig up the old reward quotas for comparison?)

This … does not sound like a bug.


My two cents, without getting into the specifics on any one mode. Reaching tier 12 rewards before and after the changes are meant to be similar in effort, meaning roughly double the event scoring. The additional tiers are a new paradigm. These numbers look to be set to be reachable. Are you really advocating, the score for each tier increases?

That is a good argument, but I have not collected/compiled/searched out enough information about reward thresholds to make that analysis … yet.

The pattern for tiers 13-16 is similar to the Invasion tiers.


Is that assumption or statement of fact? It does seem to be doubled at this time. I had 20 dooms before going into luck scroll battle and 22 after the battle (using event shop weapon).

Luck scrolls have always been worth 2 Dooms. Double score would be 4 Dooms.

Edit: And yes, I’ve verified. I scouted/full cleared to floor 16 without ever removing the event weapon and each luck scroll was always 2 dooms. I’m sitting at the start of floor 17 with 38 doom (2 * 16 = 32 for bosses, 2 * 3 for luck scrolls)


Ah, thanks. I forgot they’ve always been 2 dooms worth.

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As to the variance between rewards tiers, my guess is when trying to keep tier 12 at roughly the same effort as before, the lower tier distribution was selected to make some of the earlier tiers more accessible for newer players. If the guild usually reaches tier 12, the reshuffling of the distribution on the lower levels is somewhat moot.

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