[NOT A BUG] Aussie players getting ripped off

Why are Aussies charged $15.95 for the elite pass when 9.99 USD = 12.92 AUD?

Also the elite+ pass is $39.95 when 24.99 USD = 32.31 AUD

I haven’t checked all the other store items but can only assume the same trend continues.

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Hey, UK used to have 20 quid if it was 20 dollars and NGL, that was painful. They’ve since fixed it to be more accurate to the correct exchange rates but yeah…
Also, not sure this is a bug. They’re probably factoring in exchange costs etc.


I’m pretty sure it’s taxes that make up for that difference.

It’s an Aussie made game. Why would Aussies have to pay exchange rates or additional taxes than U.S.?

the US prices don’t include taxes. At least that’s what US based players have told me.
Here in Europe we have pretty much the same prices as Australia.

There are taxes on purchases in the states.

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Im here to pour more salt in your wounds. I paid 7,49 euros for the elite pass. It seems to be 11,79 AUD atm. Im sorry, this sucks


The prices are set by your vendor. Apple, Google, etc. If you’re on mobile, buy on steam. That uses more appropriate exchange rates. And we always get screwed in Oz.

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Could you use a VPN and use steam store in another country that is more reasonably priced. Campaign pass here in the uk is equivalent $8 USD

Not sure about Steam or Apple, but Google doesn’t use your location. It is determined by your settings. To prevent people doing exactly this, they limit how frequently you can change it; once a month I think.

I imagine Apple and Steam are similar too, otherwise everyone would pick a cheap country.

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I guess since they were bought by 505, which is an Italian company (I think), maybe it’s an Italian game now? Hopefully they review the prices, anyway.

This is the truth of it. We don’t have any control over how they calculate the exchange rate unfortunately. As said here, steam is often the best choice for these purchases