No black characters?

TLDR summary "It was a question not an attack and if someone felt they were being called racist that is on them and not the OP. It is exhausting to suggest inclusion and have people shout it down and right now people may feel supported to try suggesting again.

Perhaps I missed it, but nobody called anybody racist nor did anyone imply it. If any respondents inferred it, it may be something they should think deeper upon and with self-reflection discover why the topic of inclusion and representation makes them feel as if they have been accused of being racist. As for why now, I can easily see why people who have stood by feeling powerless to affect change on any level of their lives when it comes to this topic may finally feel that there are more than just themselves or their community calling for change. More to the point, if not you, someone else would have made this or a similar reply had the OP posted this six months ago or a year ago or a three years ago… and seriously, it was a question. No rage detected, fake or otherwise. In fact, the closest thing to rage I’ve seen on this thread is your post and a few others being upset that once again an underrepresented community is asking for a bit of inclusion. I know what it is like to feel alone because I didn’t see anyone similar to myself in the books I read, the games I played, the movies I watched, etc. While it has now been almost 30 years ago I first read a book that not only had someone similar to me, but that person was the main character, I still clearly recall the feeling at the time, the shear joy and hopefulness that I was not so alone in the world. I also can recall the many times that I have been verbally assaulted for suggesting inclusion in the things I enjoy. It wears you down and many people just stop trying and right now with a long overdue show of support I perfectly understand and support the OP asking a simple question right now.


This thread is kind of it.

OP raised the question. Saltypatra responded and said it is a thing they are working on.

The rest of the thread is just people sniping at each other and making snide remarks about whether they think it’s OK for people to ask this question or not. Also weird speculation about the artists.


Honest question: Are there more colours available on pc/mobile? Because on Xbox, we currently have both types: Light Skinned, including those of Hispanic, Asian and Middle Eastern descent; and Dark Skinned, including those of Hispanic, Asian, and Middle Eastern descent. Or the Krystaran-based equivalents.

I understand that much money was spent to add Lapina and Dwarf avatars to the game, so sincere thanks for adding skin colours to the humans, and at no charge to the players wishing to select them.

Thank you.

I like the new character, BTW. Be great to see more like this.

It was a very well worded post till I got to the last paragraph.
If nobody cares about anybody or anything why the fuck it is matters if there are black characters in the game or not?
My latest team consisted a blue demon donkey, a lion, a sauce pan eyed troll, and tentacle monster. Which one of them should be black?

I don’t care about representation. I just care about great looking cards. It’s the worst. Why does everything always wind up being about representation or race?

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So far, there’s only 1, and she was added last week, an black Elf.

We do have more diverse characters in game since this was originally posted, and are working on introducing more. Our art pipeline is done quite a bit in advance, which can mean things take a while to release in game.

We have the kingdom of Shentang which is predominantly characters from asian descent, and several middle Eastern characters as well. We have some characters with african american features, and plan to introduce more in the future. The playable avatar also has selectable skin tones. Of course, there is room for us to do better, so we do have more troops planned.

One of my favourite troops is also one of our most recent, Spring Emissary!


I replied to bug reports yesterday, and today have already replied in a thread helping someone get an account recovery by speeding up their ticket inquiry.

I cannot fix bugs, I can only report them and advocate for the needs of the community, which I have already been doing all morning whilst chasing up the status of our bug fixes with the team. I have been making an effort to spend more time on the forums during a period where my work responsibilities have increased and I am needed elsewhere, and I felt that this was something I wanted to discuss.



The other nice thing about Spring Emissary is that she brings more than “surface” diversity with her interesting new spell and dual link traits. I appreciate that you didn’t just give us a non-white troop with generic, forgettable traits and spell.

I mean, I could bring up Prince of Anu if you’d really like. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ahhhh 2020 (when the thread was created). The days when we could worry about what color an image was. Instead of whether or not an image even appears in the game. 2021 is going to make 2020 it’s bitch… I can already tell.


Maybe there will be more Italianate characters in the game now that 505 bought IP+2? :thinking: :laughing:

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Some might identify as black. Is that sufficient?

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I identify as an attack helicopter. When do I get some representation?


When you mature into a human being who is capable of empathizing for people not like yourself. You will find that this kind of person is already well-represented in the game!


There’s an attack helicopter card in this game?

Mistralus, of course.

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Just here to laugh at the Mistralus comment because I didn’t expect it and it made me smile for no reason this morning.

I think aiming for a racially diverse game is a good thing. We live in a racially diverse world, so I see no harm in that being represented in our games either. The fact that so many cultures co-exist in reality is pretty cool.


So with Nexus online, do you feel there’s more black characters in-game?
Or do you feel they aren’t black-enough and DEVs should force their image creaters to make characters more black in future? :slight_smile: