[Nintendo Switch] TSCI top guild is looking for active players

Do you still have the spot? I came back to GoW recently, I am level 254 and my kingdoms are not lvl10 yet but I participate in all events and pretty active

We do. I’ve sent you a DM :+1:

We have a couple of spots that have opened up. Drop me a message if you’re looking for a new guild. You can also find me on discord @lostsoul619#5215

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Drop me a message if you’re looking for a friendly experienced guild. We have a few spots available.

We have 4 spots available right now. Drop me a message if you’re looking for a new guild full of friendly experienced players. You can also reach me on discord @lostsoul619#5215

We’re looking for 5 new members to join the Inn. Participation in events is essential. We have a great guild full of friendly players. Currently sat in bracket 2 of guild wars. Discord available. Drop me a message on here or discord @lostsoul619#5215 if you’re interested.

Do you still play GOW? If so I’m really looking for an active guild that does. I’m an ex PC player who used to have pretty significant progress, (level 10 every kingdom at least) although honestly i dont remember the extent to which I got specifically. Im Frostyyy#7137 on discord. Thanks, if you have any questions hmu

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They do @feeblefrosty