New Troops verification

Oh, thanks. sorry, I just panicked)

Hey all,

These troops are the ones referred to as being apart of the pool of new Troops, these are available from Adventure chests,
Obviously excluding Dark Smith, Faerie Gobmother and Hoard Mimic.

I’ll add these to the 6.2 Patch notes thread to prevent any further confusion :sparkles:


Oh that would have been nice to know before I pulled 8 extra Ahries…


Don’t worry too much about it. I opened all the “adventure chest” keys I got and still didn’t pull any of the epic troops. I’ve burned 150k glory (7500 chests), 2500 glory keys, 1000 gem keys. Gotten 4 more copies of Ahries, but 0 copies of the moon mage. Working as intended, I’m sure.


Regarding hoard mimic and its armoured traits. This is effectively a 95% skull reduction. Surely 75% would have been sufficient and a more imaginative 1st trait employed instead @Jeto?

I doubt the percentages add up.
Mythic mimic is confirmed to drop…someone in my guild got him from a mimic chest.

But moon mage is still missing for me and others in my guild.
Did anyone find her?

I found Moon Mage with a few thousand glory chests

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Ok, ty for confirming

I got moonmage from gem-chests…

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I got moon mage but am missing ascendance. I’ve used a lot of keys but for me this is the one that got away.

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i’m missing that one too… Will try guild seals…

EDIT: After 50k guild seals and the 4th Ahries got one

It’s 1 - (1 - 0.7) * (1 - 0.25) = 77.5% skull reduction.

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I’ve got all of them form different chests.
If you collect the world quest pass rewards you get 9 adventure keys. Also got some from gold and glory chests, decided to wait till Friday before I dump a biggest amount of glory.