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New Troops (Ideas)

Figured that since you guys (GoW Devs) have made Mercy & Valor, why not add more Divine (Angel) and/or Guardian troops under similar names like:
Dignity, Faith, Wisdom, Order, Peace, Truth, Wonder, Unity, Vision, Harmony, and Fortitude.

Also, is there a Template to base Troop ideas off of? I have an idea for an Imp, but I wanna present it in a way that’s understandable instead of just tossing stats around like a jumbled mess.

And since I haven’t seen any other threads that suggest or give ideas for new troops, if anyone has any ideas for troops, please suggest them :slight_smile:


Well good idea Angels.

I post one with new troops but with more things also here.

Note that copyright laws make these type of ideas difficult to respond to.

should we make a feature request of copyrights eula that we could sign up under and finally proceed with the :zap: brain storm :zap:


What if i told you that i already made this request some 6 or so months ago.

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then give me its link so i could bump and like it

is that terms of service that will allow devs to use ppls ideas (from forum) without any legal issues afterwards?

kinda doesnt look like it to me x_x

It would be a terms of service eula sort of thing saved in the game files that you had to agree too before downloading/installing the game. The length it was talked about was really really short.

i think we need a separate one for forums
i do remm it was mentioned somewhere but not sure was it actually requested :confused:

Every idea imaginable is at risk of getting a copyright strike…
Link is a Trademark on the word GEMS

Seriously… There have been TONS of games that have been copied in some fashion or another, Gems of War is basically a copy of Bejeweled when you think about it.
Anno 2205 is basically a copy of Sim City.

Are they direct copies? No. But clearly companies have made dumb disputes like No Man’s Sky vs Sky Tv over the Word “Sky”.

If the devs want to use my ideas to make their game better, honestly, if I’m giving them, clearly I’m not trying to squeeze money out of them, I’m handing an idea over.
If games have a Suggestion or Feature Request in their Forum, obviously the people who are tossing these ideas are full aware of what they are doing.

Worrying about copyrights & trademarks? The system is so outdated that most companies have broken those laws more times than most people spit. And the only time they actually seem to care is there’s a word in a name/title that they already used an can oddly claim as their property.

Sooner or later, this copyright & trademark crap is gonna get so far out of hand that people are gonna start making up words just they don’t have to go through the childish court battles.

We are still waiting (SIGH) for EULA stuff to get sorted so we (I) can revive the Design-A-Troop project… Hey @Sirrian here’s a gentle prod :point_right:

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How about an undersea kingdom with killer squid, octopus, shrimp army, moray eels, poseidon /Neptune type characters? You could have electric eels, sea snakes and a manner of all different types of spells and weapons. Bubbles, encapsulation spells, mermaids, vortex, drowning spells, and loads of other sea related stuff!

What if I told you that… [details=SPOILERS] we’re already getting a Kraken and a shark-man named Sharkey?[/details]


Cool, but We Need Shrimp Warriors too ! Looking Forward To That

I made a suggestion once, still want that spell to come, that would be such an awesomme support…