New New Arena to Replace New Arena

Instead of Common, Rare, Ultra Rare and Epic Troops.

You pick from Ultra Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mythic Troops.

It’s that simple to change a D+ into a B+ @Devs.


Oh and since these lovely notes are now buried by justified feedback.
I’ll repost it here for context.

I think it was quickly glossed over on the stream, but during arena event weekends the normal rules for troops allowed in teams can change. If that occurs, the devs will pick which allowable Legendary and Mythic troops will be allowed for the duration of the event. I don’t believe that players will be allowed freedom of choice in Legendary/Mythic troops when that occurs.

If such an Arena event features a specific troop, EVERY team will feature that troop for the duration of the event. For example, one of the Arena weekend events I tested featured Crimson Bat. It was a mandatory troop on every team and replaced the player’s Epic troop draft pick. Every opponent team also contained a Crimson Bat, as well.

I will say that in such situations, Arena battles tend to devolve to legendary/mythic versus opposing legendary/mythic, given their leap in power over Epic and lower rarity troops, even when untraited.


I like most of that except the mirror aspect of it.
To me the worst part of world events is having to use the same troops on offense that you’re facing against on defense. Doesn’t always happen, but this week for instance is more grindy because of it.
Makes me feel like I’m playing ping pong against the wall instead of against a robotic opponent… And yes… There’s a difference.


Does that mean players are able to see all tiers at once? My biggest grievance with Arena has always been selecting Common troops, and then seeing the next tier either blocked by my pick or not a good ally. And again with the final tier…


No. It means you can see the team that you’re building (it shows troops you’ve already selected), so you don’t have to remember what you picked. But you still don’t get to see all 4 selections at once, only one at a time and you have to pick a troop before you can see what the other troops offered are.

This is the most frustrating part of the arena for me. If we could just see all the 12 troops before having to pick the 4, then we could actually attempt to build a team. Or, at a minimum, start picking from the other end - epic first, common last, so we could pick the (presumably) best troop first and then add troops to support it.


Normally you should get 4 random troops and that is it, if it was a real draft mode.

Arena is about drafting troops like a player would draft cards in Magic The Gathering or Hearthstone, but regarding such systems MTG always had the benefit of allowing you to select MORE cards than you MUST use.

To give a short summary: You will pick a total of 42 Non-Basic Land cards and you must create a deck with AT LEAST 40 cards counting Basic Lands you can add (which usually means a split of 27 Non-Basic lands and 13/14 Basic Lands for a functional deck.)

GoW fails with Arena because we are not offered enough options, if you are offered poor options all around¹ then your team will be very weak, more so without the Hero.

Now if the devs would have engineered the New Arena in a way that after each battle you could pick another troop (maybe of higher rarities included) from among three other options then we would have an interesting experience. Because if your first four options were bad and you had a loss you would still have another chance at picking another troop that could help you build a better team.

This could also be expanded in a way were you could be able to unlock the traits of one of your troops as well as selecting one new card to your temporary collection.

¹ And considering some troops are stright up bad even for Arena because the devs didn’t focus on making more rebalances when the world wasn’t cursed we can only accept that now it’s even more unlikely that anything will be done in that regard.


My guess:

  • some Mythics/Legendaries are good mainly because of their unique traits. No trait kills them (still better than Peasant :stuck_out_tongue: )
  • the gap between good and bad Mythics is larger than Epic and lower tiers. So: bad luck you get 3x :poop: Mythic choices, and then you can have to face teams with good Mythics.

The weapons were so powerful that no one played arena until the campaign made us :joy:. Anytime I have played it I just wanted to get it over with so I can do something else. Too slow even with the weapon.

Nice idea.

I will add 1 more choice at the beginning (so 4 choices of each rarity) and so after a battle you get 4 choices (one for each rarity) so you can switch one troop.

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The part about the traits could be something like a temporary currency called “Trait Keys” that would unlock one trait each. So the structure would be:

  • As suggested by Turituor pick 4 troops among 16 possible options.
  • Battle number 1.
  • After that you will be offered 3 more options so you can pick another troop to maybe switch.
  • Battle number 2.
  • After that you could receive 3 “Trait Keys” and use them as you see fit, you could as well save those keys for a chance of using them in a better troop later.
  • Battle 3.
  • After that another chance at picking a new troop.
    So after each Odd battle (1, 3 and 5) you can pick one new troop for your temporary collection. And after each Even Battle (2 and 4) you get 3 Trait Keys to use while managing your team.
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When I finally crafted Dawnbringer, I realized too late that it was useless, relatively speaking. :unamused:
Then they required Arena for the Campaign and I discovered a use for Dawnbringer. Yay! :smile:
Now the weapon is useless again. Bleah. :rage:


Love these suggestions!

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Sounds cool but I’m afraid that, without banners or empowered traits, we’ll barely be able to get them full mana in Arena. I used a 16 mana troop today and i barely managed to fill it. On top of that, lots of Mythics/Legendaries are great thanks to their traits and they’ll be disabled.

Maybe we can just have the choice between Epic/Legendary/Mythic arena run, which determines the max rarity of your last troop choice (and the enemy ofc). At least we could experiment with it instead of being forced to it.

that would be “all random” mode… draft in almost every game is impemented as “pick from limited pool”, whether that was DoTA on W3:FT, or other games…

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Nice idea, maybe add a “repick” option after losing a battle in arena mode ?

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It is not even close to D+ it is flat Big F right now.

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