New Mythic Troop - Piscea

New Mythic Troop: Piscea

Piscea will be the only Mythic Troop available in Glory, Gem, Guild & VIP Chests for the next 7 days.


Is this bugged to drop?

55k guild seals, 15k glory, 500 gem keys. No drops. I restarted game after cutover and verified it’s in my unknown.

Am I the only one locked out of clicking the ‘Skip’ button on mobile (Android) for a good 1 second?

Assuming I’m not crazy, my take is that it’s a side-effect of this:

I.e. the opposite/monkey paw solution of:

I.e. maybe all reward skip buttons have had a ~1 second lock out period added to them (on Android mobile at least).

But yeah, again, just me or…? :confused:

I actually got it in my first 50 Guild Chests :no_mouth: although that doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t bugged in some way.

In the same boat as @scottl1969

70k seals and 1500 gem keys, are YOU bloody joking me. And still no Mythics!

Sorry… It took 22k seals for me.
@Jonathan , Always had a “loading / revolving gems” after any click and wait for 20 sec. every time.

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10k more seals in and I got one.

80k seals, 1500 gem keys and 3000 glory keys…

About to explode like a Firebomb.

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The drops are working correctly and plenty of players are finding it, just super bad luck sorry folks :frowning:


come get at me!

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Took about 60K glory here. And yes, lots of spinning-gem delays.

Got my first on the first 200 glory keys…

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Only 5k seals (level 6 chests) for me this time. Crazy luck.

I’ve had the same, was painfully slow opening chests this morning. Took me 15minutes to open 12 lots of guild chests

Oof, that’s rough. It’s always the new ones you only kind of want that are the hardest to get. Glad it worked out for you in the end.

I was on the luckier end of the scale with only 15,000 seals. I’m still bitter about missing Scourge of Honour despite spending all my resources at the time. Still missing it like a year later.


Woke up on the wrong side if the bed, without much sleep this morning, and this is what the devil had for me… Thanks for your words tho!

You’re just suffering from the condition known as “Badus Luckus”.

There is no known cure, unfortunately.

I had a streak of Badus Luckus for 2 months, not getting anything.
Then I finally got the new one last month after clearing out all my gem+glory & most of my guild seals.

This week, popped 686 gem keys, then got it in the first 200 glory keys.


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I’ve had months where I’ve spent all of my Gem/Glory keys and upwards of 200k-250k Glory without seeing a new mythic. (Being in a guild that seldom does 40k seals in a week, I typically don’t spend on Guild Chests to try and grab a mythic; it’s simply not worth the really low odds to me.) I’ve even had runs where I’ve gone 3 months without getting the new “monthly” mythic.

Knocking on wood? Thankfully that hasn’t been the case recently. I went through 282 Gem Keys and close to 3000 Glory Keys this morning before Piscea popped out, but my Glory stash continues to remain intact and grow. This was on the higher side for my required number of pulls in recent months, but at least I got it.

I’m still missing 8 older mythics, including the one from the most recent completed campaign, but I’m gradually getting close(r) to a full collection.

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How much did you spend?

Is it good? My keys were not enough :pleading_face: