New Faction - Indrajit's Palace

This is what I get with 8.800 Chaos Shards.

I’ve let he Devs know about the missing graphics in android. Are any other platforms experiencing this issue?


Thanks, I had doubts about the artwork :rofl:


you know kittens like to hide in the dark :wink:


At least we had troop artwork this time. Missing map background sucks a bit but missing troop artwork was really bad.

Hope we’ll get to see the kitty we all worked for on Android soon.


Oh no… :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Thanks for linking my work, man. And sorry for the trouble.

This Friday, as I update my file privately, I deleted all the old version. Somehow I thought Google own Microsoft, so Google Drive and one drive are the same thing. I’m so, so wrong.

Anyway, will update that post now. But as I don’t enjoy being here anymore, it might be a while until I update it again publicly.

So, about this Faction. It only rank at 14th out of all 30 for farming, due to random nature of 6 rooms. Although, it’s now the one with highest possible multiplier, at 5.20x. Still never see more than 4x myself while playing.

As for difficulty, should be Medium or high-easy, as Warrior is so strong.


The Devs are aware of the issue. Today is a public holiday but we will be doing what we can to fix this issue tomorrow, thank you for your patience everyone.


Do you know what i really really enjoyed in this delve? Getting lycantrophy on my Hellclaw Warrior during my pure faction run. My troop transformed into Sir Quentin Hadley and the pure run lvl 500 didnt count.


So a wasted week-end. 4 days with this bug, and no action. Nice job … Sad. This is how devs care about their players.

What happens if Night Hag transforms a troop during a pure faction run? Or Giant Toadstool? Do you still get credit for the run? (Not that you, Julli, need to know. I am just using your experience as a springboard to ask the forums at large.)


Yes, as recurrently documented in these forums whenever this topic comes up (i.e. work after hours to fix their mistakes done during office hours): the go-to justification oscillates between “we shouldn’t have to work outside of office hours”

…and their hands being tied most of the time (i.e. “not our fault, blame the other guy”).

At least as of late they’ve been less vocal in forums about fighting the insurmountable evidence ref. their commitment/dedication to GoW, and how the “healthy work-life balance” has demonstrably resulted in the ‘work’ side getting the short end of the stick.
:blush: :pray:


a simple solution : more tests could avoid crisis :wink: I understand very well that devs don’t want to work outside normal hours BUT in this case, they need to do more tests to avoid to launch bugged versions. This is basic IT’s work (and I worked in IT).


My understanding was that you do, making it an inconsistency – I thought I remembered hearing an account or two in the mega-thread of people beating a tricky PF run by turning all of their enemies into mushrooms thanks to a an unfortunate-turned-fortunate transformation.


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Thanks for the forums archaeology. I am amazed by the rollout of lycanthropy. Many aspects of this effect are inconsistent with existing mechanics, and it seems like every time there is an inconsistency it is skewed to punish the player.

Edit: people are chiming in saying that lycanthropy won’t prevent the “pure faction” credit. I haven’t yet been in the situation myself, so I guess I should state that all of this is conjecture on my part.


Lycanthropy will ruin your ‘no deaths’ run but won’t ruin your pure faction team afaik.


Mm, thinking about it, it’s possible I completed Mirrored Halls recently (with PF credit given) on a run that involved one of my troops getting Lycanthroped (but then dying…). Can’t remember properly, though.


In relation to transform, we have a precedent with Doppelganger anyway. I did Mirrorred Halls with Dwarven Gate etc.

So if a turned by Lyco troop does not give PF credit, then it’s yet another issue…

Normal faction 500 this weekend, I had 3 runs completely ruined by an exploding Lyco gem, mostly from AI matching a doomskull. 100% convert. Bearing in mind I used 2 troops who I barely ever cast and were always blessed…I shudder to think how many they repelled by being blessed…

Which leads to yet another issue, making faction events even more time consuming. I’m glad we only have 4 factions left tbh.

That’s weird i had my troops faction troops killed/transformed in past and it always counted it as pure faction.

With some examples from the past: Using doppelganger in Mirrored Halls, summoning treant in Primal Rift. Also having my troops transformed into Frog…

I always counted is as pure faction run. It didn’t count it as a perfect run though.
Sometimes i’ve got perfect run with faction run, when i’ve lost few troops on the way- can happen in Emperinazar and Tinker Town and probably in Silver Necropolis (happens when faction legendary is summoner and you finish delve with summoned troops that are equal to those dead ones- order of troops doesn’t matter)

Well, for those who do not know the answer and cannot guess it - listen and do not tell you haven’t heard: for an “imperfect” faction run with a pure faction team you get 30 renown (10 for pure faction team and 20 for passing with losses). To get 2500 faction renown it’s easier to make level 500 with a strong non-faction team firstly (ZG, hero with Rope Dart etc.) without losses, and then pass level 500 again, but with pure faction team, no matter how many faction troops you’ll lose in process, winning will give you renown you need.


order doesn’t matter, all is needed are 2 runs → one to get PF 500 and second to get perfect run at 500. I prefer to go with PF 1st in case i get lucky and get a perfect run with it - that approach during faction release events saved me some gems already.