New Faction - Illithia

This one should be pretty basic without potions…just get rid of hive minds magic before he gets yours.


Well it’s done. This is the least effective faction team so far. Once you drain all enemy magic, 2 of the 4 troops have a spell that does nothing. Then it’s just patiently waiting for blue and purple matches until you can aoe their team down. None of the troops can explode, destroy, or convert gems or do anything to generate mana or create skull matches. Meanwhile, all the enemy team can do is get lucky skull matches. Booooring. Glad you only have to do this once.


Does anyone actually enjoy delves?

Too bad you dont show the same care and quickness for the French translation mistakes. I reported a few since now June 2019 and they are still not corrected! (yes…The deep king and Mershark both deal TRUE splash damages and not just normal splash damages…I know…very very very hard to understand…)

At that point, I would appreciate a public announce from IP2 on this forum stating something like that: “To all our French speaking players (customers), please stop reporting us translation mistakes you find because we dont give a xxxx about that. Thank you for your understanding.”

That would at least have the merit of honesty.


I believe Illithian colossus’ boost ratio should be 1:1, not 100:1

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I’ve finished it but it was a torturous as ever. Every faction is a horrific no fun experience. I want to see just one dev do it on stream and emerge smiling

Finished it with hoard 195, kingdom level 14 and 4 Power Potions. And with 3 Medals of Nysha. Did not wipe level 500 with pure faction team though, just ran through. Was not very hard, just quickly “pulled teeth off” before enemies could pull mine.

And never noticed more than 3 treasure rooms in 1 delve.


Very doable at horde 100 and no nysha. 1st attempt at 500 succeeded pure. 4 x tier 7. Last fight 15 minutes. Steal magic and avoid skulls


Hoard 160, Kingdom 50%, Tier 7 x5. 2 medals of seasons + 1 anu. Only the 2nd delve I was able to do full faction without losing a troop.
Took 9200 shards to get all troops to mythic, but got 8 sacred treasures, so it’s not all bad.


Guildmate @TheIdleOne did 500 pure faction 200 hoard, no potion, by doing 500 at regular delve. So this is an easy one.