New Faction - Illithia

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New Faction: Illithia Join Gemhammer, as you explore the citadel of Illithia! We have a new Faction to delve, as well as lots of new troops, controlled by the Hive Mind! To celebrate the release of this new Faction, we will be running a Faction event over the weekend for Illithia.

3 room delve!!!
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what a weird set of pulls

1,800 to get the epic to mythic (4 tier 7)
4,000 to get the legendary to mythic
7,600 to get the ultra-rare to mythic
8,400 to get the rare to mythic

26 coin purse
117 gold ring
58 priest’s chalice
30 king’s crown
11 genie’s lamp
0 sacred treasure

Legendary at Mythic + 10 copies
Epic at Mythic + 20 copies

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Didn’t we already have a hive mind? buzz buzz

I think you misread it.


8200 shards to get all faction troops to mythic

@Redi1 thanks for the catch! I’ve passed it on.


Of course when launching new content making sure there are no bugs is more important. So typos aren’t at the front of your mind :wink:

Drop rate for legendary was simply asinine, atrocious, heinous, preposterous and what-else

What is the probability to get less than half of the sated (2,52%) drop rate?
By far the most expensive pull since I’ve been recording left me with this:


Just bad luck man.
The ascensions for me were in the normal order.
Legendary, Epic, Ultra Rare and rare.

(Epic is high due to the tier shop)

Were you experiencing lag at all?

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Anyone else noticed that when you make a 4/5 match when playing against the faction team they get the random +2 stat bonus? I don’t think that’s not how it is supposed to work, is it?

I haven’t started buying tiers yet.
At one point it said ‘server difficulties’ but no more lag than any other day.

4400 shards to get Illithian Servitor to mythic (Tier V)
6800 for Illithian Colossus
7000 for Mind Eater
and a whopping 13700 to get 4 mythic copies of the Hive Mind (forgot to write down when it first ascended—was less than 11k shards, but I like to have at least 4 of each).

54 Coin Purses
152 Gold Rings
85 Priest’s Chalices
46 King’s Crowns
21 Genie’s Lamps
7 Sacred Treasures

-Anyone know what my Hoard level would be if I just use 50 King’s Crowns?-

EDIT: thanks to @ElDuderino for the following tool that helped me know I’d need 1 Genie Lamp and 49 Crowns to make my hoard level 100: Hoard Master

Trying to save those high-rarity treasures to boost the more difficult faction hoards further down the road…

EDIT 2: So I either did it wrong, or the calculator was slightly off. Last purchase made had to be 1 Crown, 4 Lamps.

Not a huge deal, but if someone knows where my error was made I’d appreciate being taught :heart:


I’m with you and @Dust_Angel: the drop rate of the Legendary seemed way off, to the point that I came to see reports of any drop rate bug after receiving no Legendary after the first 3-4k shards.
:sweat_smile: :thinking: :vulcan_salute:

Sounds like my luck last time. I had to spent 12K to Mythic the Legendary + 3 extra copies. It took me 10.8K shards to just ascend it to Mythic.

EDIT: Oh I got my numbers wrong. Corrected now.

Plus, you can go through the 2 3 4 or 5 room!

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Looks like amount of treasure rooms varies from 0 to 3. Did anyone see 4 treasure rooms in one delve? 5?..

This is the easiest faction possible. After the first room you can go to any room you like, and they all unlock the boss room. Best colors too. Tesla, rowanne, leprechaun, maraji queen, and thrall, all my favorite troops, are available.


I also got all my troops to mythic before getting a mythic treasure. At least it wasn’t only me :joy:

I had the legendary at mythic x12, which is the opposite bad luck some people had lol