New Faction - City of Thieves

All opponents lvl 1 during the 7 faction missions?

We are looking into this now @AMT.

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Best farming faction? 3 Legendary rooms, 3 epic rooms…

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Blue/Purple – Leprechaun :white_check_mark:, Maraji :white_check_mark:, Rowanne :white_check_mark: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Does @TimeKnight still do the math for each new delve?

Edit: Nevermind, need the pet to unlock 15* kingdom power.

Unfortunately this is not something we are going to be able to fix over this weekend (so enjoying the easy Troops, I guess!)


In the City of Thieves, even Troop Levels get stolen!


lvl1s? Well that’s different.


Star Wars approves.


Is King of Thieves showing up at a very low rate for lots of people, or just me? I’ve spent 4200 shards so far, and received just one copy. I forget what the odds are, so I can’t compute the likelihood of this outcome, but in previous factions I would have received three or four copies with that number of shards spent.

Edit: hey, a helpful rate table behind the “?” button! I can now see that with a 2.8% chance of success, I am in the bottom 2 percent for luck. Low, but not worryingly so (yet).

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I have 4 in less than 2k shards, so just probability I guess

Literally the next set of chests:


It is definitely the new best farming faction. 3 Treasure rooms, 2 Epic Rooms, 2 Legendary rooms.


4080 to get Legendary to Mythic
5200 to get Epic to Mythic (with Tier 6 purchase)
5400 to get Ultra Rare to Mythic
7600 to get Rare to Mythic

28 Coin Purses
84 Gold Rings
56 Priest Chalice
19 King’s Crown
15 Genie’s Lamp
1 Sacred Treasure

Low on Sacred Treasure, but cheap on shards. I’ll take it.

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I think I know what happened to your King of Thieves. I ended up with 10 extra copies trying to get the Ultra-Rare to mythic, which had an utterly horrible drop rate for me. :confounded:


I was thinking of making my new farm but need the pet for kingdom power.

I see the pet issue. Personally, I don’t care about Power Level 15. I care about Power Level 20 and with 25 troops Leonis Empire is relatively close to 29 required troops for that (but kingdom event week with new troops was not a long ago and it’s unknown when will be the next one). And we still need 3rd Leonis Empire pet to reach Power Level 19.
I’m inclining to make CoT my farming delve.

You can actually get Leonis to 16*. I know it’s not a huge issue to stay on 14* buy my ocd won’t let me lol. I don’t know the exact math of CoT but it would only be slightly better if at all and you would have to give up all the rewards of the new faction event to switch farming locations. I would recommend though for anyone who currently doesn’t have any farming faction at all.

I think you were just unlucky…
I had the same issue as Fourdottwoone where i had to keep spending shards because the Cat Burglar.

This is what i got for 7800 shards.

I know we have a lot of cheeky pop culture references in the game and flavour texts of troops, but they usually incorporate puns and the like (exceptions do already exist, however – Borealis’ “Winter is coming”? :man_facepalming:).

With regards to “Riff raff, Street Rat!” and “Scoundrel, Take that!” (Battles 1 and 2 from the City of Thieves quest line), can we please not directly rip off lines from other published works without a reference to game content other than simply fitting the general theme? It feels cheap.

Don’t get me wrong – I love Aladdin (and perhaps that’s why this strikes such a chord with me? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:) – and I get that the City of Thieves rings a few thematic bells, particularly with the release of the new live action movie (which I haven’t seen) – but even though ‘thieving’ the lines fits the theme of the Faction, I don’t think this is appropriate.

Moreover, I won’t… ‘delve’ into the quest line’s grammar too much, but if we are going to have these lines, can we please at least have consistent capitalisation? There is no ‘Street Rat’ proper noun in the game as far as I’m aware, and “Riff raff” and “Take that!” obviously buck the trend.

If the reference is to the ‘Street Thief’ troop, I think it’s a weak connection and it would be unnecessary to continue on to the second line (“Scoundrel, Take that!”) since that doesn’t even have a tenuous link beyond an antagonistic quality to “Take that!”, fitting a battle, and a thematic link in “Scoundrel”. I don’t think that justifies what feels like taking advantage of/piggybacking on the popularity and success of Aladdin without adding anything new or giving it additional meaning, however.

I don’t know the laws surrounding this, and I think I remember reading somewhere here on the forums that one or two small lines like this is perfectly legal – but it still feels (and seems, ****ytically-speaking) different to many of the other references made in the game, and wrong. I’d be happy to provide examples of references that I think were made in good taste, by contrast!

Pictures for reference (with complimentary Level 1 troops):

And a YouTube video of your (3rd?) favourite song from Aladdin (~1:06 is what you’re looking for):

A full ranking of the soundtrack to come :joy:.


Send me a link to the thread when you make it. I have opinions.

More on-topic, the quest text includes a couple other typos: “lead us my old” (“lead us to my old”) and “What do say we” (either “What say we” or “What do you say we”).