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[NEED MORE INFO] No pet triggered

Mobile: Pet gnome caught, 2 food gotten, zero pet triggered.

:scream: Oh no. Don’t tell me pet rescues are broken.

Just to make sure, was there already a pet rescue active? Was this yesterday during the all day pet rescue? Did you win the fight, not just kill the gnome?

Because I know Salty will ask, can you use the bug report form? Otherwise this won’t be looked at.

no, I checked. Just now 10 minutes ago. I won the match.

a guild mate just triggered one now . So its working again.

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If you got 2 white pet food, it means that there was already a pet rescue active when you finished the fight.


No pet was active.

First pet today, got triggered many minutees after mine failed. So there is that for you.

Your 2 pet food says otherwise man.
Even if the game doesn’t say there’s an active pet rescue. There’s a 59 second over lap since the UI doesn’t show it on the world map. Pet Rescues are a hour. The World Map says the UI says they are 59 minutes. The UI got you.

Wait, so because no one posted on discord. You’re saying a pet rescue couldn’t of been active?

Has anyone else experienced this issue? The presence of 2 white pet food typically means that a rescue was already active. Had it been some time since your game hit the servers, and maybe there was a delay?

If some more people could weigh in that would help greatly. When a pattern is established we can investigate this further. This is potential issue with room for failure or slow server connections, so I want to make sure it’s reproducible before passing it on.