Need help finding a mid-game fast PVP team

Without TDS or YG my fastest and most effective team was:

Azura (beat Merlantis)
The Devoted
Rowanne (beat Forest of Thorns)
Prismatic Orb

Used the devoted and orb to raise the shield of Rowanne.

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That’s an interesting team makeup. What purpose does Azura serve? I’ve tried a number of different Rowanne teams with varying degrees of success. The sunbird/rowanne/firebomb/firebomb team works great for low level stuff, but sucks at PVP.

Ok I’ll save the rest of my event keys for next week.

Azura feeds everyone. I would recommend using a Blue/purple banner. Cycle Azura until Orb is filled. Use orb on Rowanne. Use Devoted on green. Use Azura to collect greens. Fire Rowanne. Keep running Azura as needed.

Ok so by exploding blue gems she’ll be able to fill the other troops? I didn’t think exploding gave all that much mana.

Which traits are important for this team?

Exploding a gem alone is 9 gems worth of mana, and while you’ll only get 70% of it for exploding gems, you’re still throwing 6 mana at your team with just ONE explosion.

The mana rounds to the nearest whole number, so anything <0.4 = 0; and anything ≥0.5 = 1.
EX: 1.4 mana equals 1 mana; 2.5 mana equals 3; etc.

Now take Azura who explodes ALL blue gems on the board, which could be zero (which is typically not an outcome unless there is a mana converter on the board who has recently turned all the blue gems), but you will average somewhere around 4 to 10 blue gems per cast, so you’re looking at somewhere around 36 to 90 gems exploded times the 70% modifier, and you get about 25 to 63 mana, maybe more/ maybe less.

That’s assuming that none of the explosions overlap one another - exploding two gems right next to each other would result in only 12 gems being exploded, 3 more than just one explosion would normally dissipate. But even considering that, gem explosions would help fill Azura right back up, so you’re almost always going to refill her per cast. And that’s not considering whether or not any Doomskulls were caught in any of those explosions!

Here is a really great post by @Lyya about the diminishing returns of exploding gems. It’s useful to gauge the effectiveness of Explosion type troops, as you can determine about how much mana you’ll acquire per cast of that troop’s spell.

PS: I’m an Explosion freak.

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You must also consider that she Dispells all enemies and reduces a random skill. Dispell takes out Barriers and Submerged, which are effects that would slow down your victory, reducing some random skill will sometimes be very potent as you are basically dealing damage (when reducing armor/life) or preventing damage on you (reducing attack or magic). It could also be sort of useless sometimes, but you are getting mana, removing buffs and maybe reducing something on each enemy, whle sometimes refilling Azura to cast her spell again. Depending on how the board is filled with Blue gems and/or any current storm in place you have good chances to gain an extra turn and collect more mana for your entire team.

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Oh yeah! That too. I got caught up in Explosions that I forgot all about that amazing ability.

Looks like you are a Junkrat fan… :boom::sparkler::fireworks:
:thinking: I wonder if Jamison Fawkes is a distant relative of @Sirrian, like a grand-grand-grand-grandchild of another family branch (game company) from the future. :rofl:

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TBH, I’m not even an Overwatch fan at all, but when I played the beta with my friends… I’ll have to admit that I WAS maining Junkrat! :sweat_smile:

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Oh that sounds pretty awesome. What are some of your other favorite explosion based teams?

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You’ll have to give me a bit to recall some of the teams, but the key players in the Explosion department will typically be Ragnagord, Azura, Gorgotha, and Divinia.

But there are some top contenders that fall just below them as well, which consist of: Captain Skullbeard, Hermaster + Artema + The Worldbreaker, Infernus, Nobend Brothers + Princess Fizzbang, Poison Master, Sylvanimora.

Here’s a Centaur Team: (With and Without Mythic) < Tested this team with hero as Oracle in place of Anthea>
image image

3 Exploders + Massive Goblin Synergy:

Exploder/Doomskull combo: (1st team is more Defensive; 2nd team is more apt to Looping) <If you want less Explosions - I shutter thinking about such a thing! - then I’d switch Glaycion or Valkyrie with something that deals damage>
image image

Dragons: (1st Team is heavy explode; 2nd team is more Offensive + summoner)
image image

All Blue: (There’s plenty of other options for Crimson Bat, like Queen Mab or Emperor Khorvash, etc.)

High Rarity Daemons:

High Rarity UBER Divine Team: <Just got this team… I’m in love>

These are SOME of the Exploding teams I can come up with without really having a chance to sit down and think too hard about it. And many of these I haven’t tested, so their effectiveness might vary. But, you asked for Explode teams - you got some! :grin:

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I just got Divinia today and tried to build a team around her but it wasn’t good enough for PvP. I need more good dragons like TDS and Krys

Sadly, most of the GOOD dragons are going to be Legendaries, such as TDS and Krystenax. Divinia is still a very good troop, especially max traited. I can try to phish around some and see if I can find any teams for her. The problem with helping Mid-Game/Mid-Level players with team builds is that the cards you could potentially possess vary the most out of all the ranges of players. Early game players typically have most of the lower tier troops, and high level players damn near have most of the troops in general, save a few of the mythics. Middle tier is a hodgepodge of luck and randomness, so it’s hard to guess what you might have.

With Divinia and Hellcat you could surely brew some safe looping team and maybe try out some other red troops that would speed up the battle. Hellcat is also from Blighted Lands, so you have good chances to get him in event keys next week.

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I like that team idea - something like Hellcat, Alchemist, Divinia, Queen Titania or (insert damage dealer here).

But, that’s not exactly a FAST team unless the Fourth Slot is something fairly strong: Queen Mab, Queen Titania, Krystenax, or something to hit the other team hard.

Edit: Sorry, the Titania team might actually be fast (IDK without playtest), I added her to the top sentence last.

Yao Guai is very potent with all the extra life he gains from Divinia, but a cheaper option that can also work is Tuskar from Pridelands, the OP probably already have him.

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Bul’ Tauros and Sunbird could work equally well if no Yao Guai.

Alright I played with this team for a while, and it’s definitely a contender. It’s certainly satisfying to power up Rowanne to 80 armor and blast all 4 enemies in one shot. It does take a little bit to get rolling, at least 3-4 turns to get Azura up. And if anyone targets Rowanne before I can use the orb on her, everything falls apart.

It’s not exactly fast either. It takes a couple minutes per fight. It’s not bad, probably as best as I can hope for at this stage in the game.

It’s definitely a fun team to play. Big explosions, huge AOE, slowly building up power. It’s a heavy hitting team, but I gotta get lucky and get the momentum going quickly before they can take anyone of my troops out.