My progress with writs and deeds


Played 12+ hours a day (so no job / life) (admitted this in an earlier post - see below) and spent how many gems per week? If collecting 30 gems 10 times a day that is 300 gems…purchasing 5 Merchant offers a day is 150 x 5 = 750 gems…or 10 offers - 1500 gems PER DAY.

Maybe get some gems from Vault weekend - by playing another 24 hours a day.

So all gems spent on deeds - what about contributing to guild events and not letting a few high contributors in the guild carry all the burden?

So if this thread is to show the average player what is possible…hahaha.

Lately, not 12 hours, way less because I was busy in real life. I can say that between vaults, I use around 10k gems, around what I get from 1000 vault keys, and I reach 24 hours playing in total, during 3 days, usually, it will be probably more in this one since I barely played last month. Maybe I’ll start using more gems, I’m planning to buy every deed I see.
What is or it isn’t possible depends of each of us, I don’t expect wake up and discover that I’m rich without doing anything towards that.
My guild only demands to be active, when I joined in the past, that was using all free sigils and participate in guild wars, but in journey I need 2 books for lv30 Stormheim then:


Looks like you spend at least 1000 gems a day - so even the crazy high amount from vault weekend of 10 000 gems would not cover the 30 000 gems needed a month, even adding another 300 gems a day from collections would still be 10 000 short…

Anyway I am not FTP but making it sound like FTP and all those books are possible is really not realistic. Especially considering the amount of hours needed to even remotely make it possible.

The other thing is that the free sigils are NOT enough to complete events anymore. Eversince the longer events it takes on average purchasing Tier 4 or 5 for EACH player to complete an event. But thank goodness you are not in my guild because I really hate those guilds where some players take advantage of others by playing only free sigils, whilst others sacrifice to complete events, and they selfishly keep all gems for themselves. I was in a guild like that, and left for that very reason.

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Not all guilds are about finishing all the events, mine never was about that, that’s why I’ll not ask people to use theirs for an event just to suffer through it. I’m a FTP and it was possible for me, if it isn’t for other people, it’s up to them give up of the game if that it’s really important and move on.


I think if you started like 5 or 8 years ago maybe FTP was possible - but I started 2 years ago and I would never have made enough progress to actually be at a decent level if I had to be FTP…so yeah if you do not care much about progress it is possible, but if newer players want to be able to catch up these days, definitely not. Maybe a few who play 12 hours every day like you might make it.

And I know very well those guilds where they say Events are optional or use only free sigils - usually a few players at the top sacrifice extra like crazy to complete the event, and then tolerate the leeches because the guild is desperate for players. Very grateful I found a guild that is not like that.

I completed 3 years playing in march 24, from my anchievements, I restarted after thinking I lost my account.



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Mmmmm endless dessert…