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My delving progression

Hi to all.

This topic is about using the faction’s own team in delving.

I started this game in may. Every day I complete 3 delving, I never missed one.

Here is some statistics of my delving using only the faction’s own troops. The horde is between 70 and 100. You can reach these levels quite naturally without making any special efforts.

Amanithrax lvl 200
Hall of guardians lvl 190
Silver necropolis lvl 190
Tinker town lvl 190
Depths of sin lvl 170
Illithia lvl 160
Wild court lvl 150
All seeing eye lvl 140
Fang moor lvl 140
Frostfire keep lvl 140
Primal rift lvl 140
The warrens lvl 130
Crypt keepers lvl 120
Sunken fleet lvl 120
Eldrazhor lvl 110
The deep hive lvl 100
Fell roost lvl 90
City of theives lvl 80
Werewoods lvl 80
Dark pits lvl 50
Lyrasza liar lvl 50
Mirrored halls lvl 50
Stonesong Eiry lvl 50
Sea of sorrow lvl 50

I’d already completed lvl 500 in Sea of sorrow and Dark pits with an other team and made some progression in Stonesong eiry when I realized I sould have made some progression with the faction’s own team. That’s why I’ve reached lvl 50 but a future faction assault will help me out.

I played with the faction’s own team until I saw there’s no hope to go to higher levels. Usually I observed after 3-4 fails that there’s no way to continue even if I used different team setups. And in many cases a higher horde can’t help.

The worst own team is in Mirrored halls and Lyrasza liar. The dealt damage is low with these troops, you can wait for skulls coming but you can’t win battles only with skulling with these trops on higher levels.

I was awainting much higher levels from these teams: Amanithrax, All seeing eye, Wild court, Sunken fleet, The deep hive.
These team looked quite effective in dealing damage. But the basic problem is that you face with these troops in the boss room. :)) In many cases I failed in the boss rooms.
King gobtuffle is not so good without any gems destroyer troop even if you use 2 or 3 King gobtuffle.

If the horde would be higher (around lvl 200) maybe I can make some more progression. It’ll be a future task for me.

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Welcome to the community, @erada. I made a thread to assist with Delve team strategies. Scattered amongst the rants and ramblings of an addled brain are some links to other threads. Click Here: Delve Faction Team Strategies

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As are additional links to strategies proposed by @Xolid99, @Dust_Angel, @TheIdleOne, @Magnusimus, and many others. (Apologies if I miss any call-outs)


I managed to complete lvl 500 delving in The deep hive with own team. This was the 4th, 5th try. The team: 2 x Scarab knight, 2 x Queen Beeetrix.


For me, personally, this was the easiest pure delve. Now - what’s your next step, I wonder?

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